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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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QuickBooks Pro


QuickBooks Pro 2009 Training Course Introduction This series will open your eyes to just how easy using QuickBooks Pro can be to manage, record and understand your company's finances. After watching this training, you will master QuickBooks software skills, as well as learn basic accounting concepts that will allow you to use QuickBooks efficiently and accurately to manage financial information. From creating a company file to tracking products, vendors, customers, assets and liabilities, along with building customized reports, this course allows you to master QuickBooks software so you can master your business.

Course Details
  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 7.8 Hours
  • Platform: Windows and MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included

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Chapter 1: QUICKBOOKS OVERVIEW (13 min)
  1. QuickBooks Versions
  2. Tour of the Interface
Chapter 2: THE COMPANY FILE (25 min)
  1. Opening an Existing Company
  2. Preparing to Set Up a New Company
  3. Creating a New Company File
Chapter 3: THE CHART OF ACCOUNTS (24 min)
  1. Accounting Primer
  2. Adding New Accounts
  3. Editing Accounts
  4. Displaying and Adding Account Numbers
Chapter 4: PREFERENCES and SECURITY (21 min)
  1. Customizing Preferences
  2. Security Overview
  3. Establishing Security
Chapter 5: COMPANY LISTS (17min)
  1. Working with Lists
  2. Organizing Lists
Chapter 6: IMPORTING DATA (23 min)
  1. General Import Strategies
  2. Installing the Conversion Tool
  3. Starting the Conversion Tool
  4. Importing from Microsoft® Excel®
Chapter 7: BANK ACCOUNTS (19 min)
  1. Creating and Using Accounts
  2. Writing Checks
  3. Transferring Funds between Accounts
Chapter 8: SERVICES and INVENTORY (46 min)
  1. Inventory Accounts Overview
  2. Entering Products and Services
  3. Working with the Vendor List
  4. Ordering and Receiving Products
  5. Making Inventory Adjustments
  6. Returning Items to Vendors
  7. Inventory Reports
Chapter 9: CUSTOMERS (16 min)
  1. Adding Customers
  2. Defining Jobs
  3. Adding Custom Fields
Chapter 10: RECORDING SALES (29 min)
  1. Making Cash Sales
  2. Using Estimates
  3. Working with Progressive Invoicing
  4. Sending Invoices
  1. Adjusting for Credits and Returns
  2. Creating Credit Memos
  3. Working with Finance Charges
  4. Creating Statements
Chapter 12: CUSTOM SALES FORMS (30 min)
  1. Customizing a Product Invoice
  2. Using the Layout Designer and Downloading Templates
  3. Assigning and Managing Templates
Chapter 13: ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE (24 min)
  1. Receiving Payments
  2. Making Deposits
  3. Streamlining Payments and Deposits
  4. Viewing A/R Reports
Chapter 14: ACCOUNTS PAYABLE (16 min)
  1. Entering Bills
  2. Paying Bills
Chapter 15: SALES TAX (19 min)
  1. Setting Up Sales Tax
  2. Applying Sales Tax
  3. Determining and Paying Sales Tax
Chapter 16: MANAGING EMPLOYEE DATA (33 min)
  1. Getting Ready for Payroll
  2. Setting Up Payroll
  3. Adding Employees
  4. Creating and Using Timesheets
  5. Preparing Paychecks
  6. Paying Payroll Liabilities
Chapter 17: CREDIT CARDS (08 min)
  1. Creating Credit Card Accounts and Entering Charges
  2. Reconciling and Paying Credit Card Accounts
Chapter 18: OTHER ENTRIES (16 min)
  1. Assets and Depreciation
  2. Creating Liability and Equity Accounts
Chapter 19: ONLINE BANKING (09 min)
  1. Setting Up for Online Access
  2. Working with Online Data
Chapter 20: SHARING INFORMATION (30 min)
  1. Writing Letters
  2. Synchronizing with Microsoft® Outlook®
  3. Customizing and Sharing Reports
  4. Working with an Accountant's Copy
  1. End of Year Activities
  2. Preparing Forms and Closing Periods
  3. Backing Up Data
  4. Cleaning Up Company Data
  5. Credits