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Learn how a psychological understanding of our emotions and behaviour gives us new ways to improve mental health and well-being.

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20 abril 2016
08 setembro 2016
26 outubro 2016

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Mental Health


Psychological therapies and the work of clinical psychologists are now very popular. This free online course provides an introduction to how psychologists understand emotions, behaviours and thinking patterns, and how this helps clinical psychologists make sense of their clients’ problems.

Over six weeks, you will explore some of the current challenges and debates in the area of diagnosis and treatment, and discover new ways of thinking psychologically about mental health.

You will gain new perspectives on the “nature vs nurture” debate, and understand how we are affected by life experiences. You will also discuss new research, which promises to help us improve our own mental health and well-being.

You will learn with Peter Kinderman, Head of the Institute of Psychology, Health & Society at the University of Liverpool, and author of “A Prescription for Psychiatry: Why We Need a Whole New Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing.”

You can find out more about this course in Peter’s post for the FutureLearn blog: “Rethinking mental health and well-being.”