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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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Microsoft Project
IT Project Management
Project Management
Project Plan


  • 12 Months Online Access featuring instructor-led video sessions with full audio, video and demonstration components
  • Printable courseware
  • Hands-on Lab Simulations with detailed instructions
  • Focused on practical solutions to real-world development problems
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COURSE INTRODUCTIONSchedule our instructor led classroom training at your convenience and never miss another lecture or fall behind. You are in complete control. We invited the Best Certified Trainers in the industry to help us develop the ultimate training and certification programs which include everything you will need to fully prepare for and pass your certification exams.

The Microsoft Project 2007 Program is a great tool that assists you in managing your projects. With this program, you will create and modify a project plan. It will also give you the opportunity to work with a project plan once it reaches the project implementation phase. The Microsoft Project 2007 Training Program is designed for people who have an understanding of project management concepts, who are responsible for creating and modifying project plans, and who need a tool to manage these project plans. It is also intended for people who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Project 2003.

COURSE OUTLINE Project 2007 Level 1

Course Introduction
Course Introduction

Chapter 1 - Getting Started with Microsoft Project
Getting Started with Microsoft Project
The Project Management Process
The Microsoft Project Environment
Microsoft Project Views
Demo - Screens
View Format
Lesson 1 Review

Chapter 2 - Creating a Project Plan
Creating a Project Plan
The Project Guide
Demo - Create a New Project Plan
Demo - Calendar and Tasks
Demo - Estimated Durations
Lesson 2 Review

Chapter 3 - Managing Tasks in a Project Plan
Managing Tasks in a Project Plan
Outline Tasks
Demo - Outline Tasks
Recurring Tasks
Link Dependant Tasks
Demo - Link the Project Plan
Set a Constraint to a Task
Demo - Constraints
Set a Task Deadline
Add Notes to a Task
Lesson 3 Review

Chapter 4 - Managing Resources in a Project Plan
Managing Resources in a Project Plan
How to Create a Resource Calendar
Demo - Resource Calendar
Assign Resources to Tasks
Assign Additional Resources to a Task
Demo - Enter Resource
Enter Costs for Resources
Enter Values for Budget Resources
Demo - Enter Costs
Resolve Resource Conflicts
Lesson 4 Review

Chapter 5 - Finalizing the Project Plan
Finalizing the Project Plan
Display the Critical Path
Demo - Critical Path
Shorten the Project Duration
Demo - Divide
Set a Baseline
Demo - Baseline
Print a Project Summary Report
Report Types
Demo - Reports
Lesson 5 Review
Course Closure

Project 2007 Level 2

Course Introduction
Course Introduction

Chapter 1 - Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications
Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications
Import Project Information
How to Import Project Information
Demo - Importing a Task List
Demo - Custom Import Map
Export Project Plan Data into Excel
Demo - Export Project Plan Data
The Copy Picture Dialog Box
Demo - Copy Picture Dialog Box
Lesson 1 Review

Chapter 2 - Updating a Project Plan
Updating a Project Plan
Enter Task Progress
The Tracking Gantt Chart
Demo - Update Task
Enter Overtime Work
Demo - Overtime
Split Task
Demo - Split Task
Reschedule a Task
Demo - Reschedule a Task
Filter Tasks
Demo - Filter Tasks
Set an Interim Plan
Demo - Set an Interim Plan
The More Tables Dialog Box
Demo - Custom Table
The Custom Reports Dialog Box
Demo - Custom Reports
Lesson 2 Review

Chapter 3 - Managing Project Costs
Managing Project Costs
Cost Rate Tables
Demo - Cost Rate Tables
The Group Definition Dialog Box
Demo - Group Costs
Link Documents to a Project Plan
Demo - Link Documents to a Project Plan
Lesson 3 Review

Chapter 4 - Reporting Project Data Visually
Reporting Project Data Visually
The Visual Report - Create Report Dialog Box
Visual Report Template
Demo - Visual Reports
The PivotTable Field List Pane
Demo - Custom Visual Reports
The Visual Reports - New Templates Dialog Box
Demo - Create Visual Report Template
Lesson 4 Review

Chapter 5 - Reusing Project Plan Information
Reusing Project Plan Information
Project Templates
Demo - Create Templates
The Define New View Dialog Box
Demo - Custom View
The Organizer
Demo - The Organizer
Resource Pool
Sharer Project
Demo - Sharing Resources
Master Projects
WBS Code
Demo - Master Project
Lesson 5 Review
Course Closure