Programming in C++ Video Tutorial Course

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• Format: DVD-ROM
• Duration: 10 Hours (107 lessons)
• Instructor: Mike McMillan
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac


In this Learning C++ training course, Professor and expert instructor Mike McMillan introduces you to the basics of programming in C++. With over 25 years of programming experience, 13 years of experience teaching programming, and authoring 6 textbooks on programming, you can be well assured that you will be taught the correct way, the first time!

Starting with the basics of the C++ programming language, this video tutorial covers all of the basic operations you need to start building your own C++ programs. You will learn about standard data types, variables, arithmetic expressions, flow control, functions, classes, arrays, pointers, and much much more.

Informação importante

Requisitos: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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O que se aprende nesse curso?

C++ Programming
Data Types
Operators and Progressions



Course Introduction

What You Need To Program

Tutor Intro

Getting Started

Download Code Blocks

Introducing Code Blocks

Writing Your First C++ Program - Hello, World!

Entering The Program

Compiling And Running The Program

Explaining The Program

Syntax Highlighting

Modifying The Hello World Program

Finding And Correcting Errors

Exercise Hello Viewer

C++ Building Blocks - Data Types And Variables

Introduction To Data Types

Data Types int And double

Data Types string,char,bool

Variable Naming Rules

Declare And Assign Variables

Exercise Hello Personal

C++ Input And Output

cout Special Characters

Formatted Output With iomanip

Output With printf

cin With Numbers

cin With Strings


Arithmetic Operators And Expressions

Arithmetic Operators

Order Of Precedence

Using Constants

Using Math Library

Mixing Data Types


Making Decisions

Relational Operators

Logical Operators

Simple if Statement

if else Statement

Nested if Statements

if else if Statement

if else if With Logical Operators

Question And Answer

Simple Calculator

Performing Repetition

while Loop Intro

Count Controlled while Loops

Sentinel Controlled while Loop

Results Controlled while Loop

for Loop - Lesson 1

for Loop - Lesson 2

Nested for Loops

Exercise 1 - while Loop

for Loop Exercises


Function Introduction - Lesson 1

Function Introduction - Lesson 2

Functions With Multiple Parameters

Predicate Functions

Void Functions Introduction

Reference Parameters

Function Exercises - Lesson 1

Function Exercises - Lesson 2


vector Introduction

vector Initialization

Adding Data To vector

vector Data Access

vectors And Functions

Random Numbers

Searching A vector

vector Sort

vector Exercise


Array Introduction

Working With Arrays

Arrays In Functions

D Arrays - Lesson 1

D Arrays - Lesson 2

Array Exercise 1

Array Exercise 2

Array Exercise 3


Pointer Intro

Pointer Declaration And Initialization

Pointer Operations

Pointers And Arrays

sizeof Operator

Pointer Parameters Fixed

Exercise - Sorting An Array

Classes And Object-Oriented Programming

Class Simple Example

Class Data

Class Constructors

Class Accessors

Class Functionality

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Operator Overloading

Operator Overload Example

Overload Input Output

Overloading Relational Operators

Overload Arithmetic

Overload Increment and Decrement

Additional C++ Control Flow Constructs

switch - Lesson 1

switch - Lesson 2

switch - Lesson 3

do while - Lesson 1

do while - Lesson 2

do while - Lesson 3

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Text File Processing

Creating Text File

Reading Data

File Append

Writing Chars

Reading Chars

Exercise 1

Exercise 2