Professional Events Management

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This course in Professional Events Management will help you achieve an outstanding performance in this field. You will learn about subjects such as finance, media or marketing.

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This course is designed for: anybody who wants to gain knowledge in events management; budget officers; event managers; event operation coordinators; event organisers; event planners; marketing managers; middle and senior managers tasked with the direct delivery of events or oversight of specialist sub-contractors; project managers; senior managers up to board level with responsibility for the strategic use of events as part of the organisation’s public relation and marketing strategy and their effective deployment; senior operational managers with responsibility for managing teams whose role includes event management; training or seminar coordinators.


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Algiers, Algeria
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Business Organisation
Project Methodology
Stakeholder Management
Time management
Management Planning
Project Development
Events Management
Events Finance
Events Planning
Professional Events Management


Course Contents, Concepts and Issues


Part 1 - Managing Events and Event Projects

 Ø  Event, definition:

·         Challenges of Event Management;

·         The Place of Events In Human History and Culture;

·         The Events Industry;

·         Event Manager;

·         The Events Profession and Education.


Ø  Understanding Event Projects Management:

·         Events as Projects;

·         Project Management Perspective;

·         Event Project Definition, Organization and Framework;

·         Project Parameters;

·         Stakeholder Requirements and Needs;

·         The Project Objective Statement;

·         Project Planning;

·         Project Optimization;

·         Project Evaluation and Review Techniques;

·         Project Crashing;

·         Project Risk Management;

·         Project Cost Breakdown Structures;

·         Project Implementation;

·         Project Shut-Down;

·         The Required Competences of an Event Project Leader.


Part 2 - Event Design, Production and Operation


Ø  Event Design and Production:

·         Current Views of Event Design;

·         Events as Designed Experiences;

·         Concept and Theme;

·         Understanding Event Experiences;

·         Event Staging and Logistics.


Ø  Event Operations:

·         The Legal Environment;

·         Insurance;

·         Regulations, Licences and Permits;

·         Events Contracts;

·         Events Logistics.


Part 3 - Event Human Resource Management, Finance Management and Event Marketing


Ø  Managing the Event Human Resources:

·         The Event Human Resource Challenge;

·         Finding the Right People;

·         The Challenges in Practice to the Events Industry;

·         Formulating and Conducting Event Induction and Acculturation;

·         Developing Effective Communication with Event Workers;

·         Event Employee Learning and Development;

·         Motivating, Maximising Performance and Retaining Employees;

·         Remunerating Staff.


Ø  Event Finance:

·         Important Financial Terminology;

·         Financial Planning and Control;

·         Users of Event Finance Information;

·         Budgeting and Events;

·         Budgeting As a Logically Sequenced Planning Process;

·         Common Methods of Budgeting;

·         Applying Budgeting to Worked Examples;

·         Comparing Actual and Budgeted Performance.


Ø  Event Marketing:

·         Event Marketing Planning;

·         Event Sponsorship.


Part 4 - Dealing with Different Types of Events


Ø  Mega Events:

·         Mega Events, Definition;

·         Mega-Event Periods;

·         Mega-Event Tourism.


Ø  Events in the Public and Third Sectors:


·         The Public Sector;

·         The Third Sector;

·         Events in the Third Sector;

·         Other Non-Profit Events.


Ø  Corporate Events:

·         Categorization;

·         Key Logistical Issues for Corporate Events;

·         The Corporate Event Customer;

·         Corporate Event Evaluation.


Ø  Cultural Events and Festivals:

·         Cultural Events;

·         Festivals;

·         Types of Cultural Events and Festivals;

·         Programming Cultural Events and Festivals;

·         Marketing Cultural Events and Festivals;

·         The Public Role of Cultural Events and Festivals.


Part 5 - Events and Media


Ø  Events and Media:

·         Understanding Media;

·         The Role of the Media in the Events Management;

·         The Media and Links to Stakeholders;

·         Media Management;

·         The Impact of Media Coverage on Events;

·         Crisis Management for Event Managers.

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£8,000.00 Per Delegate for UK Delivery
£10,000.00 Per Delegate for non-UK European Delivery