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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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Adobe Premiere Elements 7 Training Course Introduction With our training course for Adobe Premiere Elements 7, you'll learn the workflow necessary to import, edit and export your video projects. This training will give you a good understanding of all the cool intuitive tools and easy-to-use effects available in Premiere Elements 7 that will give your video a professional polish. Watch and learn just how easy it is to produce great looking video projects to share with the world with Total Training for Adobe Premiere Elements 7!

Course Details
  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 4 Hours
  • Platform: Windows and MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included

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Course Outline Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION TO ADOBE PREMIERE ELEMENTS 7 (09 min)
  1. Setting Up a New Project
  2. Project Settings vs. Preferences
  3. Touring the Interface
  1. Setting Up to Capture Media
  2. Capturing from a DV Camera
  3. Importing DVD Content via the Media Downloader
  4. Getting Media from PC Files and Folders
  5. Creating Albums
  6. Tagging and Rating Media
Chapter 3: QUICK START EDITING (17 min)
  1. Creating a New InstantMovie
  2. Choosing and Customizing a Theme
  3. Building Your InstantMovie
Chapter 4: EDITING ESSENTIALS (50 min)
  1. Brief History and Theory of Editing
  2. Importing Media
  3. Assembling a Movie in the Sceneline
  4. Introducing the Timeline
  5. Editing Clips in the Timeline
  6. Using Still Images as Clips
  7. Editing a Still Image in Photoshop(R) Elements
Chapter 5: ADDING EFFECTS and TRANSITIONS (27 min)
  1. Introducing Effects and Transitions
  2. Adding Transitions between Clips
  3. Adding Effects to Clips
  4. Editing Transitions and Effects
  5. Time Stretching and Rendering Clips
Chapter 6: WORKING WITH AUDIO (28 min)
  1. Adding a Background Music Track
  2. Using SmartSound(R) Quicktracks(R)
  3. Recording a Narration
  4. Adjusting Audio in the Timeline
Chapter 7: CREATING TITLES (46 min)
  1. Exploring Types of Titles
  2. Adding Markers in the Timeline
  3. Creating and Formatting a Still Title
  4. Adjusting Color Properties and Saving a Style
  5. Creating a Crawling Title
  6. Creating a Rolling Title Using a Title Template
  7. Adding More Tracks to the Timeline
  8. Using an Animated Graphic in a Title Design
Chapter 8: CREATING A SLIDESHOW (16 min)
  1. Adding Images to the Sceneline
  2. Adding Transitions and Audio to a Slideshow
  3. Automating a Slideshow and Setting a Default Transition
Chapter 9: DEPLOYING YOUR VIDEO (39 min)
  1. Understanding Different Formats for Export
  2. Sharing Your Videos Online
  3. Creating a Video to Email
  4. Creating a Video for Mobile Devices
  5. Creating a Video for DVD and Blu-ray
Chapter 10: ADVANCED TECHNIQUES (26 min)
  1. Animating the Motion Property
  2. Editing to the Beat
  3. Creating a Picture-in-Picture Effect
  4. Creating a Freeze Frame and Exporting a Still
  5. Credits