Photoshop Elements 11 Video Tutorial Course

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• Format: DVD-ROM
• Duration: 12.5 Hours (155 lessons)
• Instructor: Andy Anderson
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac

About this Tutorial
Learn how to use this powerful photo editing and image management software and gain a thorough knowledge of how to use the image management, editing and enhancing tools available with the help of these Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 tutorial videos.

Commencing from the absolute basics, expert PSE tutor Andy Anderson presents step-by-step video training movies that help explain and demonstrate the uses of the complete toolset, how to make use of the innovative new features for PSE 11, and some great workflow techniques that will allow you to work faster and smarter.

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Requisitos: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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Adobe Photoshop
Creating Videos
Workflow Techniques
PSE 11
Painting Tools


01. Introduction To Photoshop Elements 11
0101 Chapter Introduction
0102 Using The Working Files
0103 Mac Vs. PC Version
02. The Basics Of The Photoshop Elements Editor
0201 Chapter Introduction
0202 Opening Options
0203 Working With Tools & Options
0204 Working With Bins & Panels
0205 Navigating In Expert Mode
0206 Opening One Image In Two Windows
0207 Working With Grids, Guides & Rulers
0208 Using History Undo
0209 Working With Multi-Touch Gestures
0210 Adding Actions To Speed Up Editing Tasks
03. Working In The Organizer
0301 Chapter Introduction
0302 Importing Images From A Camera
0303 Importing Images From A Folder
0304 The Adobe Elements Organizer Interface
0305 Accessing Image Information
0306 Tagging Images In The Organizer
0307 Working With Smart Tags
0308 Marking Faces In Photos
0309 Marking Places In Media
0310 Finding Missing Media
0311 Creating Albums In Organizer
0312 Generating A Slideshow
0313 Working With Organizer Events
0314 Creating Stacks
0315 Backing Up & Restoring A Catalog
0316 Creating A New Catalog
0317 Optimizing And Repairing A Catalog
0318 Converting A Catalog From Previous Versions
04. Cropping, Straightening & Recomposing Images
0401 Chapter Introduction
0402 Basic Cropping Techniques
0403 Cropping Options
0404 Straightening An Image
0405 Recomposing An Image
05. Quick Fixes To Images
0501 Chapter Introduction
0502 Down & Dirty Tricks-Quick Mode
0503 With A Little Help-Guided Mode
0504 Creating A Reflection
0505 Removing The Dreaded Red Eye
0506 Whitening Teeth
0507 Saving & Locked Files
06. Basic Selection Techniques
0601 Chapter Introduction
0602 What Is Selection
0603 Selection Power Keys
0604 Working With The Freeform And Polygonal Lasso Tools
0605 The Magical Magnetic Lasso Tool
0606 The Quick Selection And The Magic Wand Tools
0607 Painting A Selection With The Selection Brush Tool
0608 Working With Refine Edge
0609 Additional Selection Options
07. Working With Layers
0701 Chapter Introduction
0702 Layer Options
0703 The Background
0704 Changing Layer Order & Merging
0705 Copying & Duplicating Layers
0706 About Opacity & Blending Modes
0707 Working With Layer Masks
0708 Utilizing Clipping Masks
0709 Non-Destructive Editing With Adjustment Layers
0710 Creating Watermarks
08. Adjusting Image Tone & Color
0801 Chapter Introduction
0802 Working With Tonal & Color Correction
0803 Non-Destructive Editing With Adjustment Layers
0804 Image Adjustment Using Photomerge
0805 Adjusting Pesky Color Casts
0806 Controlling Tone With Curves
0807 Moving Into The Grayscale World
0808 Selective Color Removal
0809 Selective Color Replacement
0810 Working With Shadow & Highlights
0811 Adding A Color Tint To An Image
0812 Proper Color Management
09. Manipulation & Restoration
0901 Chapter Introduction
0902 Cloning-Restoration Vs. Manipulation
0903 Removing Unwanted Information With The Magic Extractor
0904 Restoring An Image With Levels
0905 Adding A Tint
0906 Creating A Custom Border
0907 Creative Image Compositing
0908 Merging Group Photos
0909 Matching Image Styles
0910 Generating Awesome Panoramas
0911 Working With High Key Images
0912 Creating Dynamic Effects With Low Key Images
0913 Working With The Dodge, Burn, & Sponge Tools
0914 Using The Orton Effect
0915 Going Out Of Bounds With Elements
0916 Working Smart With The Smart Brush
10. Working With Camera Raw Files
1001 Chapter Introduction
1002 What Is Camera Raw
1003 The Camera Raw Interface
1004 Performing Basic Adjustments
1005 Camera Calibration Settings
1006 Sharpening Raw Images
1007 Reducing Digital Noise & Saving Settings
1008 Straightening & Cropping
1009 Saving Raw Images & The DNG Format
11. Filters, Effects, Styles & Graphics
1101 Chapter Introduction
1102 Effects 101
1103 Controlling Effects With Layers
1104 Combining Effects With Enhancements
1105 Combining Effects With Layer Masks
1106 Working With Graphics Tools
1107 Using The Filter Gallery
1108 Applying Multiple Filters
1109 Using Filters To Generate Motion
12. Image Magic
1201 Chapter Introduction
1202 Controlling Camera Distortion
1203 Creative Use Of The Healing Brush
1204 Swimming On Dry Land
1205 Generating A Showroom Reflection
1206 Fun With Liquify
1207 Revisiting Out Of Bounds
1208 The Magical Moveable Lens Flair
13. Working With Color & The Painting Tools
1301 Chapter Introduction
1302 Filling Areas With Color
1303 Selecting, Creating, And Saving Colors
1304 Working With Gradients
1305 Working With Strokes
1306 Creating Faux Neon With Multiple Strokes
1307 Working With And Creating Custom Brushes
1308 The Color Replacement & Impressionist Tools
1309 Texture Painting
1310 Vector Shapes And The Cookie Cutter Tool
14. Mixing Text With Graphics
1401 Chapter Introduction
1402 Photoshop Elements Text 101
1403 Formatting Text Options
1404 Working With Vertical Text
1405 Going Beyond Straight-Line Text
1406 Using Warp Text
1407 Placing Text In A Photograph
1408 Creating Text Selections
1409 Using Styles With Text
15. Output Options
1501 Chapter Introduction
1502 Preparing Images For The World Wide Web
1503 Using The Save For Web Feature
1504 Formats & Resolutions For Printing
1505 Printing Directly From Photoshop Elements
1506 Photoshop Elements Save Preferences
1507 Adding Image Information
1508 Processing Multiple Image Files & Adding A Quick Watermark
16. Working With Create & Share Options
1601 Chapter Introduction
1602 Creating Custom Greeting Cards
1603 Generating A Photo Book
1604 Constructing A Contact Sheet
1605 Making A Picture Package
1606 Generating A Slideshow Win/Mac Versions
1607 Sharing Images On Photo Sites
1608 E-Mailing Images To Friends & Family
1609 Purchasing Prints With Shutterfly
17. Conclusion
1701 About The Author
1702 Thanks To PhotoSpin
1703 Good Bye