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Oven Cleaning Course and Career

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Why You Should Take the British Oven Cleaning Certificate Award…

Oven cleaning is an in-demand profession. While undertaking training is not necessary doing so can?dramatically improve your earning potential and job prospects by making you stand out from the crowd.

Here are just a few reasons why you should take the British Oven Cleaning Certificate Award

-Gain the knowledge you need to become an oven cleaner
-Study from home and take the course at your own pace
-Improve you job prospects with a verifiable qualification
-Use the BOCCA approved logo on your advertising material
-Easy to understand, yet comprehensive course syllabus
-End of course test and Qualification
-Ongoing support offered via our Forum
-SPECIAL BONUS* Business card and leaflet templates

Here are just a few of the topics covered in the syllabus of the -British Oven Cleaning Certificate Award

-The different types of oven cleaning jobs & the skills required for them
-Equipment & Chemical Safety
-How to start your own oven cleaning business
-What supplies you need & where to source them
-Commercial Oven Cleaning
-Oven cleaning techniques & expected standards
-Marketing your service & Hiring Staff
-Green cleaning
-How to maintain standards and stay safe
-How to get your BOCCA certificate

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Chemical Safety
Skills and Training
Cleaning and sanitation product wholesale


Section 1

The Different Types of Oven Cleaning Jobs

This section will tell you everything you need to know about oven cleaning jobs and why now is a great time for you to become a cleaner

  • Discover why business is never short for oven cleaners
  • Find out about the many different types of oven cleaning job that are available – many that you may not have even thought about
  • See whether you would be better suited to life as an employed or self-employed oven cleaner. We will tell you the benefits and pitfalls of both routes.

& much more….

Section 2

Equipment & Chemical Safety

You will need to know exactly what equipment you will need to be a cleaner. It is also vital you understand how to use the chemicals required for cleaning jobs correctly.

  • Find out what equipment is needed for both domestic and commercial oven cleaning jobs.
  • Discover what chemicals you will need to use
  • See how to use your equipment safely & how to use and store chemicals
  • & much more….

Section 3

Oven Cleaning Techniques & Expected Standards

In this section of the course you will learn the techniques needed to achieve a high standard of cleaning – vital for both employed and self-employed cleaners.

  • See how to clean a whole range of ovens and hobs
  • Learn the caustic and non-caustic oven cleaning techniques
  • Find out what standards you will be expected to meet
  • & much more….

Section 4

Oven Cleaning in a Commercial Environment

Cleaning an oven in a commercial environment can provide many more challenges than if you were working on a domestic oven. In this chapter we look in detail at these complexities.

  • Everything you need to know about cleaning commercial ovens
  • Discoverthe challenges of working in commercial kitchens
  • How to use your dip trya for commercial jobs
  • & much more….

Section 5

Starting Your Own Cleaning Business

Working for someone else is great, but the opportunity to earn large sums of money are limited. In this section of the course we will guide you through the “ins” and “outs” of running your on oven cleaning service – enabling you to earn far in excess of what you may expect to make as an employed cleaner.

  • We will explain the pros and cons of running your own business
  • Discover exactly what is involved in running your own oven cleaning service
  • Find out what you should do about marketing your business and hiring staff
  • & much more


That’s not all….

In addition to the afore-mentioned topics the course syllabus covers much more, including:

  • Extra services you can offer to top up your income
  • Why you should consider green cleaning techniques
  • How to stay safe and how to make sure you are suitably insured
  • Where you can source cleaning supplies
  • A list of business equipment you will need
  • How to get your BOCCA certificate