Master in Rehabilitation from the Instituto Guttmann

Official Master from the Instituto Guttmann

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation

UAB - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Màsters Oficials
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  • Master
  • Duração:
    1 Year

Fourth edition of the official Master's Degree taught by Guttmann Neurorehabilitation Institute of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the facilities of the Institute in the city of Badalona, for one week a month from Monday to Friday (9 to 13 h and 14 to 17). It is a program of improvement in neuropsychological techniques and rehabilitation of patients with cognitive impairment caused by brain damage, dementia and aging.

The Master's degree in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation is aimed at university graduates in the field of health and life, motivated by teamwork, logical reasoning ability, scientific and technological advances and a good command of English language. Students will acquire theoretical knowledge about the relationship of the nervous system and cognitive skills, and be able to design therapeutic plans using current cognitive intervention strategies, evaluate their impact and generate new ideas based on scientific evidence.

It offers two specialization options: professional and research. The 60 credits can be studied full in one year or part time, in two years of study. It has an online platform to facilitate the study and communication among students.

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Requisitos: European bachelor's degree or equivalent, preferably in the following specialisations: Medicine, Psychology, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Social Work, Special Ed.

Nationally recognised qualification: Official university Master - Ministry of Education


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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Advances in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Advances in Cognitive Stimulation
Strategies in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
Cognitive Stimulation in Diseases
Cognitive Stimulation in Brain Damage Alterations
Neuropsychological rehabilitation
Cognitive stimulation
Neuropsychological Pathologies
Brain Injuries


This Master involves 60 ECTS credits and the possibility to focus on either research or professional development. Credit distribution: 30 are mandatory, 15 optional and 15 Master's thesis

The 15 optional credits correspond to research or professional practicum, to be chosen by the student.
  • Advances in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation
  • Strategies of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation in Neuropsychological Pathologies
  • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation in Acquired Brain Injuries
  • Master's dissertation
  • Research Practicum
  • Professional Practicum

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The price of the Master for non-residents from countries outside the European Union is € 6780.