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Microsoft 70-667 Live Practice Lab, SharePoint 2010, Configuring


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Learning247's Hands-On Real LIVE Practice-Labs allow you to experience practical application of course concepts in authentic environments without purchasing expensive software or equipment. Try out your new skills as you learn!

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Learning247's Hands-On Real LIVE Practice-Labs allow you to experience practical application of course concepts in authentic environments without purchasing expensive software or equipment. Try out your new skills as you learn!

The 70-667 Real Practice-Lab will provide you the necessary platform to gain hands on skills in SharePoint 2010. By completing the lab tasks you will improve your practical skills in managing operational settings, service applications, indexing and searching, accounts and user roles, monitoring and analyzing and site collections. Becoming proficient in these tasks will also help you understand the objectives and competencies required by the TS: Exam 70-667 Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring certification exam.

Using the devices in your Real Practice-Lab you will be able to carry out the detailed tasks defined within the lab portal or simply use it as a sandbox environment to implement your own scenarios. One of the key benefits to the Real Practice-Lab service is the ability to test and configure different options in a safe working environment. You are actively encouraged to push the boundaries, if something does go wrong you can simply reset your devices and start again. Learning from your mistakes is a highly valuable exercise in developing your skills.

Using the Real Practice-Lab to its full potential will help you develop your skills in either becoming a desktop support technician or help you develop your current skill level. Once you have used the lab for either 25 / 50 or 100 hours we will acknowledge this achievement by issuing you a certificate. This can be validated by potential employers or managers alike.

  • Access LIVE Labs Online Anytime for 6 months
    Practice anywhere, any time - 24/7 online access with no client software
  • Step-by-Step Instruction
    Easy to follow step-by-step instructions guide you through your practice exercises View Sample Lab Guide (.pdf)
  • Safe and Convenient Practice Environment
    Experiment and practice concepts with zero hassle and zero risk with no boundaries
  • Real Equipment in Real Time
    Access to REAL equipment with no restrictions and full administrator privileges, live in real time
  • Exam Prep
    Exercises are designed to address the questions you'll face on your certification exam
  • Practical Experience
    The most authentic experience possible in a lab environment with real-world scenarios and exercises
  • Hands-On Interactivity
    Retain your knowledge and feel confident in your new skills by practicing as you learn
  • Live Chat
    Communicate and share ideas with other students as you go through the exercises
  • Pro-Active Support
    Pro-active and comprehensive support services will assist you in resolving any technical issues you encounter connecting to your Real LIVE Practice-Labs.
  • Certificate
    We'll send you a certificate to display your total hours of hands-on practical experience with Real LIVE Practice-Labs to employers View Sample Certificate (.pdf)


The following topics are samples of what is achievable in the lab environment:

  • Installing and configuring: Whether you are an experienced SharePoint administrator or new to the technology it is always important to understanding the installation options of a new product. Use your Real Practice-Lab to explore what options are available to you and how to install them to meet your organisations requirements, this might just save you some time when you are deploying this technology in your production environment.
  • Managing an environment: One of the key skills of any SharePoint administrator is having the ability to effectively and efficiently manage any type of SharePoint environment. Whether it is configuring logging, quotas or monitoring levels you should have an understanding of the most appropriate settings to apply in your environment. Using your Real Live Practice-Lab you can test the impact of every configuration so that you can apply the best solution for your production SharePoint environment.
  • SharePoint applications: In order to support the development of SharePoint solutions in your organisation you should have good understanding of deploying and managing applications. Using your Real Live Practice-Lab you will be able deploy and manage all aspects of web applications, site collections other SharePoint solutions. Having an appreciation of these topics will really help your organisation harness the full capabilities of this technology.
  • Maintaining an environment: Providing your users with a platform that is stable, has good performance and is recoverable is vital. Understanding each of these concepts will help you deliver the best SharePoint implementation for the organisation. Using your Real Live Practice-Lab configure backup settings of the application and databases, monitor and analyze system performance by interpreting usage and trace logs. Then learn the techniques to Optimize the performance of a SharePoint environment by configuring resource throttling and optimizing services.