Microeconomics - II

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  • Short course
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    2 Months
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This Course Provides that Intermediate Microeconomics is a core discipline under world standards. It forms the basis of further economic studies in applied disciplines such as: public finance, labor economics, international economics etc.

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The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to understand the basic concepts, add further tools of analysis and develop their skills in applying theory to economic problems. The
course pays special attention to problems of uncertainty.
This is a short term course with the Following Contents: to Review of Microeconomic Theory, Intertemporal Consumption, Decisions Under Uncertainty. The Students will be able to expand the knowledge in the field of microeconomics and to make them ready to analyze real economic situations. These are the things which will help the students to get out of this concern. So Micro economics is very Important for students to learn and to move on in this field. as it helps to Know the three basic economic problems of How to Produce?, What to Produce and for Whom to Produce and the Problem of Scarcity as Well. So his Might be Very Handy Subjects for Students and their Interest will Take them to Top Level.