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The Master’s in Ancient History, Culture and Civilization is dedicated to the study of Ancient History and classic civilizations and cultures, with a particular focus on institutional, social and economic organizations. The course program has been specifically designed for Ancient Studies graduates who desire further qualification and knowledge in Ancient History. To facilitate the methodical approach to the study of the specialized course content, the first part of the Master’s is concentrated on historiography and historical research methodology, while the specialized modules address in detail classic Greek and Ancient Roman institutions, social and political order, tradition, culture and artistic expression.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

The Master's Degree is structured to advance student expertise and competence in the subject matter of ancient history, culture and civilization. Through technical training in the use of documentary evidence for the study of the ancient world, students will develop advanced analytical thinking and research skills. The Master's degree is designed to: provide the necessary tools for a proper methodical approach to the study of history, particularly ancient history; navigate through the principle historical sources that address ancient history and civilization; provide a comprehensive understanding of classic Greek and Roman institutions, economics, society and art

Esta formação é para mim?

The Master's Degree was developed for those looking for professional training and refreshment in the field of ancient history, culture and civilization, through the exploration of such influential societies as the Greek and Romans. The specialized training that students undergo prepares them to work in a wide professional field beyond just the cultural realm. Careers in corporate, non-governmental organizations, governmental departments, international organizations, national public affairs, media and academia, are all possibilities.

Requisitos: In order to be admitted to the Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering applicants must possess a valid Bachelor’s Degree.


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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Political Theory
Political Philosophy
Ancient History
Communication Training
IT Development


The Master’s program content consist of the following modules: Introductory Module: Understanding civilization in terms of society, economy and collective mentality Philosophy and Greek myths Transcendence and expression in the Axial Age Origins, expansion and decline of the Persian Empire Module I – Historical Research Methodology: The evolution of MHR from 1800 to 1900 The doctrine of sources: Gustav Droysen and Federico Chabod Charles Seignobos’ social history and Leopold von Ranke’s doctrine of sources Sources and meta-sources: the historian in the Internet age Module II – Historiography: Greek historiography from its origins to the Roman Imperial Period The methodological approaches of Herodotus and Thucydides Roman historiography and related genres in the period from the Republic to the Principate; The works of the main Latin historians: M. P. Cato, Julius Caesar, Suetonius and Titus Livy. Module III – History of Institutions: Greek and Roman political systems The development of political theory in Greece Politics from Xenophon to Alexander the Great Cicero’s political philosophy and Plutarch’s political stand Module IV – Social and Economic History: The development of the Athenian democratic constitution and the role of political debates Greek economy and its development from the archaic period to the Early Empire Economic, social and political changes in Rome from the III century BC to the Early Empire The economic history of the Roman Republic from a legal perspective Module V – Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman Civilization: The emergence of the political in ancient Greece The political uses of rhetoric in the Athenian democracy The history of Italy under the Roman republic The relationship between Rome and the Greek world Module VI – Art, Culture and Communication of Antiquity: Greek tragedy and its political function The origin of Attic comedy and its social and political role The origin and development of literary genres in the Roman republic Roman art and spectacle in the republican age

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