Logistics And Supply Chain Management (5)

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Suitable for: This course is designed for: Supply Chain and Logistics Managers and Professionals, Operations Managers, Logistics Professionals, Logistic Providers, Logistic Administrators, Logistics Planning and Inventory Managers, Purchasing and Procurement Managers, Retailers, Transportation and Distribution Managers, Inventory and Warehouse Control Professionals, Freight Forwarders and Linear Specialists, Production Managers, Production Planners, Financial Managers, Project Managers, Distribution Centre Supervisors, Manufacturers and Industries, Academicians, Researchers, NGOs and Practitioners

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Algiers, Algeria
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Athens, Greece
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Bandar Seri Begawan
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Supply Chain Management
IT risk
Network Training
IT Management
Supply and Chain Management
Supply Chain Risk Management
Pipeline Management


Course Contents:

Module 5: Pipeline Supply Management: Supply Chain Risk Management

Global Pipeline Management

  • The Trend towards Globalization in the Supply Chain
  • Focused Factories
  • Centralisation of Inventories
  • Postponement and Localisation
  • Gaining Visibility in the Global Pipeline
  • End-to-End Lead-Time Variability (days)
  • The Progression to Supply Chain Event Management
  • Organizing for Global Logistics
  • Structure and Control
  • Customer Service Management
  • Outsourcing and Partnership
  • Logistics Information
  • Thinking Global, Acting Local
  • Global Co-ordination and Local Management
  • The Future of Global Sourcing

Risk Management in the Supply Chain

  • The Vulnerability of Supply Chain
  • A Focus on Efficiency rather than Effectiveness
  • The Globalisation of Supply Chains
  • Focused Factories and Centralised Distribution
  • The Trend to Outsourcing
  • Reduction of the Supplier Base
  • Supply Chain Risk Profile
  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Demand Risk
  • Process Risk
  • Control Risk
  • Environment Risk
  • Sources of Risk in the Supply Chain
  • Risk Profile Mapping
  • Prioritise Earnings Drivers
  • Identify Critical Infrastructure
  • Locate Vulnerabilities
  • Model Scenarios
  • Develop Responses
  • Monitor the Risk Environment
  • Managing Supply Chain Risk
  • Understand the Supply Chain
  • Improve the Supply Chain
  • Identify the Critical Paths
  • Manage the Critical Paths
  • Improve Network Visibility
  • Establish a Supply Chain Continuity Team
  • Work with Suppliers and Customers
  • Achieving Supply Chain Resilience
  • Creating the Resilient Supply Chain
  • Stages of Excellence in Supply Chain Risk Management

The Era of Network Competition

  • The New Organisational Paradigm
  • The Need for New Business Models
  • Collaboration in the Supply Chain
  • The Prisoner’s Dilemma: Penalty Options (year in jail)
  • The Impact of Suppliers Logistics Cost on the Costs of a Car
  • Managing the Supply Chain as a Network
  • Collective Strategy Development
  • Win-win Thinking
  • Open Communication
  • Seven Major Business Transformations
  • From Supplier-Centric to Customer-Centric
  • From Push to Pull
  • From Inventory to Information
  • From Transactions to Relationships
  • From ‘Trucks and Sheds’ to ‘End-to-End’ Pipeline Management
  • From Functions to Processes
  • From Stand-Alone Competition to Network Rivalry
  • The Implications for Tomorrow’s Logistics Managers
  • The Key Business Transformations and the Implications for Management Skills
  • Creating a T-Shapes Skills Profile
  • Supply Chain Orchestration
  • From 3PL to 4PL ™
  • The 4PL ™ Concept
  • Four Key Components a 4PL must Assemble
  • Change Leader
  • Decision Makers
  • Information Nervous System
  • Assets

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Logistics And Supply Chain Management (5): Pipeline Supply Management: Supply Chain Risk Management - Leading to Diploma-postgraduate, Accumulating to Postgraduate Diploma, Progressing to Ma, Mba, Msc, Incorporating Globalisation in the Supply Chain, (london, Uk)