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  • Short course
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    3 Months
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This course will help you embark on the path to developing superior legal writing skills. It will introduce you to the fundamentals of legal communication and the essential techniques for effective legal writing. Complete this course and learn to tackle any legal writing task in your academic and professional future.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

Embark on the path to being a stellar legal writer. When building your skill set, the most important thing is to start with the fundamentals. Lawyers are ineffective without the ability to communicate well in writing. Such skills take years to perfect and practice should start as early as possible if you want to be a confident and successful writer.

Requisitos: Law students/graduates, aspiring advocates.


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à escolha

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Communication Training


This Course Consist of the following contents -Unit 1: Introduction to Legal Communication and Legal English -Understand why it is so important for lawyers and legal professionals to study legal English and communication. Perceive the use and benefits of plain English writing, as well as tips on how to develop and properly use a legal vocabulary. Unit 2: The Fundamentals of Legal Writing -Learn more about some of the essential aspects of good legal writing. Explore the distinct forms of legal writing along with the rules and established practices within each. Unit 3: Legal Writing – The Process -Explore several different methods to engage in the writing process. Learn how to get started with writing, and examine ways to plan, outline, and structure documents. Identify and develop a system that works for you, and take on any writing task you have to tackle. Unit 4: Legal Writing - Research -Study effective legal research methods. Review the various legal sources, as well as the process of conducting legal research. Unit 5: Legal Writing – Using Your Research -Analyse how the results of your research can be most effectively integrated into your writing. Learn the importance of proper citation and referencing. Unit 6: Legal Writing – Reviewing and Editing -Develop processes for successful reviewing and editing all future writing tasks.

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This Course is Made for Students and they Develop the techniques that you need to approach all legal writing tasks with ease. Explore the basics of speaking the language of the law, and also the growing importance of being able to write in plain English. Apply the process for writing that will take you through conception, research, and planning of documents, writing, and finishing with editing and review.