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Learning Microsoft Project 2013 Training Video A Practical Project Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills In this project-based Learning Microsoft Project 2013 video tutorial series, you'll quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications. Follow along with our expert instructor in this Learning Microsoft Project 2013 Training Video course to get: Concise, informative and broadcast-quality Microsoft Project 2013 training videos delivered to your desktop The ability to learn at your own pace with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface A quick grasp of even the most complex Microsoft Project 2013 subjects because they're broken into simple, easy to follow tutorial videos Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of Microsoft Project 2013 tutorial, online or offline... so you'll know the exact steps for your own projects. Course Fast Facts: Only 9.25 hours to complete this course 105 tutorial videos Expert instructors lead each course Download to any Windows PC or Mac and save for viewing off line Course is accessible 24/7 from any computer once downloaded You can study from home or at work at your own pace in your own time Course Description In this Learning Microsoft Project 2013 Training Video, seasoned trainer Guy Vaccaro teaches you how to manage your tasks of any size and description. Designed to assist project managers in organizing their plans, assigning and tracking tasks, managing budgets and analyzing workloads, Microsoft Project is the go-to project management software. Guy will teach you how to utilize the features available to you to their fullest advantage for your project management needs.
You start with a quick tour of the Project interface to get familiar with the location of the tools you will be using. Guy quickly jumps right into showing you how to create your first project...

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Requisitos: System Requirements - Digital Download Digital Download: Microsoft Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 Digital Download specific requirements: Between 1GB and 6GB of available hard drive space (depending on the training course) An Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. You must have at least a 56K modem connection (Broadband recommended). Most modern ADSL and Cable internet solutions will be sufficient. Do I need...


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Microsoft Project
IT Project Management
Project Management
IT Management
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01. Getting Started
  • 0101 What Is A Project And How Can Project 2013 Help
  • 0102 Exploring A Sample Project File
  • 0103 The Project 2013 Interface
  • 0104 About The Author
  • 0105 How To Use The Working Files
  • 0106 New Office Apps For Project 2013
  • 02. Creating Your Own Project
    • 0201 Creating A New Project File
    • 0202 Entering Project Information And Properties
    • 0203 Using One Of The Project Templates
  • 03. Project Tasks
    • 0301 Adding Tasks With Duration Options
    • 0302 Organizing Tasks Into Logical Groups
    • 0303 Moving And Deleting Tasks
    • 0304 Making A Task Inactive
    • 0305 Milestones And Estimated Tasks
    • 0306 Changing The Task Priority
    • 0307 Adding Extra Notes And Attachments To Tasks
    • 0308 The Project Summary Task
    • 0309 Methods Of Linking The Tasks
    • 0310 The Four Different Task Link Types
    • 0311 Adding A Lag And Exploring Elapsed Time
    • 0312 Spellcheck And Format The Task Pane
    • 0313 Find And Replace Text In The Task Pane
  • 04. Working With A Project File
    • 0401 Navigating To A Date Or Task
    • 0402 Changing The Date Zoom In The Gantt Chart
    • 0403 Sorting Tasks
    • 0404 Filtering Tasks And Filtering Options
    • 0405 Grouping Tasks Into Logical Groups
    • 0406 Highlighting Tasks Of Importance
    • 0407 Deadline Constraints
    • 0408 Exploring Constraint Types
    • 0409 Investigating Calendar And Network Diagram Views
    • 0410 Making Use Of The Task Inspector
    • 0411 Determining The Critical Path
  • 05. Resourcing Your Project
    • 0501 The Resource Types Available
    • 0502 Adding A Material Resource Type
    • 0503 Adding A Work Resource Type
    • 0504 Adding A Cost Resource Type
    • 0505 Assigning Resources To Tasks
    • 0506 Task Types And Their Effect On Assigning Work Resources
    • 0507 Multiple Resource Assignment To Multiple Tasks
    • 0508 Adding Fixed Costs To A Project
    • 0509 Using Split View To Dig Deeper Into A Project
    • 0510 Options For Dealing With Resource Overallocation
    • 0511 Adding Overtime Into A Task
    • 0512 Applying Resource Levelling
  • 06. Calendar And Working Time
    • 0601 The Working Time Defaults
    • 0602 Viewing And Amending The Standard Calendar
    • 0603 Amending Work Resource Calendars
    • 0604 Creating Recurring Absence Patterns
    • 0605 Creating And Assigning A Custom Calendar
    • 0606 Assigning A Calendar Directly To A Task
    • 0607 Making Your Custom Calendars Available To Other Projects
  • 07. The Timeline
    • 0701 Display Or Hide The Timeline And Add Or Remove Tasks
    • 0702 Filter Displayed Tasks And Use Of The Callout Task
    • 0703 Zoom And Pan In Or Out
    • 0704 Editing Date And Text Formatting
    • 0705 Exporting The Timeline To Other Programs
  • 08. Tracking Your Project
    • 0801 Moving The Project Start Date And Save The Baseline
    • 0802 Changing The Current Date And Format The Current Date Line
    • 0803 Updating Individual Task Progression
    • 0804 Updating Multiple Task Progression
    • 0805 Tracking Gantt View For Monitoring Progress
    • 0806 Manually Splitting Tasks
  • 09. Reporting Progress
    • 0901 Printing Setup For Gantt Charts
    • 0902 Choosing One Of The New Project Reports
    • 0903 Creating Your Own Chart Report
    • 0904 Creating A New Report From Nothing
    • 0905 Copying Reports Between Projects And Deleting Reports
    • 0906 Exporting New Reports To PDF
    • 0907 Using The Visual Reports Export Option
    • 0908 Exporting Project Data To Excel
  • 10. The Master Report
    • 1001 Why Have A Master Project?
    • 1002 How To Create And Use The Master
    • 1003 Creating Links Between Sub Projects
    • 1004 Creating A Resource Pool
    • 1005 Using The Resource Pool In Multiple Projects
    • 1006 Keeping The Resource Pool Updated
  • 11. Recurring Tasks
    • 1101 Recurring Tasks In Action
    • 1102 Editing And Removing Recurring Tasks
  • 12. WBS Codes
    • 1201 What Is WBS?
    • 1202 Creating And Using Your Own WBS Code
  • 13. Global Template And Global Settings
    • 1301 The Global Template Explained
    • 1302 The Organizer
    • 1303 Create And Customize Your Own Gantt Chart View
    • 1304 Creating A Custom Table
    • 1305 Making Your Custom Elements Available Through The Global Template
  • 14. Advanced Customization Of The Gantt Charts
    • 1401 Altering Text Displayed Next To The Task Bar
    • 1402 Creating A New Style Of Task Bar
    • 1403 Adding A Custom Field
    • 1404 Custom Field With A Lookup List
    • 1405 Using Formulas In Custom Fields
    • 1406 Using Graphical Indicators In Custom Fields
    • 1407 Bar Styles And Custom Fields Working Together
    • 1408 Adding Drawn Shapes To A Gantt Chart
    • 1409 Making Custom Fields Available To All Projects
  • 15. Automating Tasks With Macros And Customized Ribbons
    • 1501 What Is A Macro?
    • 1502 Creating And Running A Macro
    • 1503 Adding A Keyboard Shortcut To Trigger A Macro
    • 1504 Editing And Deleting Macros
    • 1505 Macro Security Settings
    • 1506 Using Ribbon Icons To Trigger Macros
    • 1507 Reseting A Project Using A Useful Macro
    • 1508 Adding An Are You Sure Step To Macros
    • 1509 Customizing The Quick Access Toolbar
  • 16. Conclusion
    • 1601 Final Thoughts

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