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Web Design
Video Editing Software
Data input
Data output


The ICT Level 2 course is ideal for anyone wishing to gain a knowledge and understanding of this subject. You will also find this course extremely valuable if you are looking for a progression route for further training whilst employed.

In this ever-changing world, everyone needs a basic understanding of ICT. ICT is used in our every day lives such as at work, in the classroom and for leisure purposes.

Teaching students how to be competent basic users of ICT technologies is an important role, ensuring that they will be successful in their academic and work careers, and so they can efficiently participate in a modern technical society.


  • Unit 1: Hardware
  • Unit 2: Backing storage and memory

  • Unit 3: Software

  • Unit 4: Word processing and desktop publishing

  • Unit 5: Spreadsheets and modelling

  • Unit 6: Databases

  • Unit 7: Graphics, audio and video editing software

  • Unit 8: Presentation software

  • Unit 9: Communications, networks and the Internet

  • Unit 10: Web authoring

  • Unit 11: Data input and output

  • Unit 12: Applications and effects