How to Design and Develop your Prototype (PV4)

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  • Short course
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    3 Months
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    à escolha

In this course the candidate will learn how to design and develop an actual Prototype which can then be shown to potential clients for firsthand feedback. Prototypes are by far one of the best tools to secure real feedback as products are developed, allowing to assess and validate various assumptions without the high cost of actual development and manufacturing. The program includes first how to design a Paper Prototype which is a fast and very cost effective way to show all key aspects of a product without yet investing in its creation. Following, how to create an interactive “Software Prototype” (no code, just a demo) which allows, when useful, to demonstrate to users an interactive, partially functional demonstration of what the product is, what it does, how it works and how people will actually use it. Both prototypes are intended to be a strong simulation of the necessary product functionality, though without a lot of the refined look & feel. The Software Prototype will be available online via desktop and/or select smartphones as relevant, to allow for easily sending to people for feedback. Course participants will learn how to take the core capabilities previously identified and to create a Paper Prototype that consists of various features, followed by creating a software prototype. This session also includes a quick how-to use the prototyping tool.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

The course enables the candidate to: Successfully design an optimal Paper Prototype for his/her product or service. This can be used as the basis for software, consumer products, services and all other types of prototypes. Determine if and how to develop an online or physical prototype for validation with target adopters. Successfully design a Software Prototype (should it be relevant) for his/her product or service. Use these prototypes to validate his/her product or service with actual target adopters.

Requisitos: Anybody can apply.


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à escolha

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IT Development


This Course Consists of the following contents are as follows- 1.Introduction, agenda and learning objectives (PV4), 2.How To Successfully Complete This Course (PV4), 3.Core Definitions (Prototype and more) (PV4), 4.The Iterative Prototype Development Process (and how an MVP fits into this) (PV4), 5.Developing A Paper Prototype (PV4), 6.Determining whether to Develop an Interactive Software Prototype (or not) (PV4), 5.Sample Tools to Create an Interactive Software Prototype (PV4), 6.Designing an Interactive Software Prototype - Step by Step (PV4), 7.Developing the Interactive Software Prototype - Step by Step (PV4), 8.Next Steps & Closing (PV4). Studying these subjects and topics will bring you to understand how this position works and which skills you should develop in order to fulfil your responsibilities. Even if you have a busy day to day live, this course adapts itself to your routine. Should you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister, leading educational portal.

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This course is made for Students and after completion you will find yourself with more confidence with increased knowledge related of this course along with a Certificate.