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Hiring Strategies will save your company time and money as you will be recruiting and hiring the right candidates. Your hiring department will benefit from this workshop as it prepares them to seek out that great candidate and make sure they are a fit for your company. The participants will obtain the necessary tools required in finding that diamond in the rough.

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Through this course, all Employers and Human Resource Management will be able to meet the challenge of hiring the right person for the right position and find potential candidates for the position. The learners will be able to know how to present the current open position and develop a workable hiring strategy. The understudies will also be well versed with technique of determining which candidates to interview and the steps to use in an interview.

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The Contents of this course consists of 12 Modules:- Module One: Getting Started. Module Two: Defining and Knowing the Position -Know the Position. Needs Analysis. Job Analysis. Task Analysis. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Three: Hiring Strategy -Company Information. Salary Range. Top Performers. Be Prepared. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Four: Lure in Great Candidates -Advertise Where Candidates Visit. Develop Corporate Citizenship. Treat Your Candidates Well. Look at the Competition. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Five: Filtering Applicants to Interview -Put Lots of Weight on Cover Letters. Grading Resumes. Internet Search. Initial Phone Interview. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Six: The Interview (I) -Introduce Everyone. Use a Panel. Match the Interview to the Job. Types of Questions. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Seven: The Interview (II) -Tell Me About My Company. Distractions. Interview More Than Once. Wrap Up. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Eight: Selection Process (I) -Testing. Look for Passion and Enthusiasm. Background Checks. Trust Your Instincts. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Nine: Selection Process (II) -Education Level vs. Experience. Have a Consensus. Keep Non-Hires on File. Checking References. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Ten: Making an Offer -Do it Quickly. Employment Details. Notify Rejected Candidates. Be Creative. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Eleven: Onboarding -Training and Orientation. Mentoring. 30-60-90 Day Reviews. Make Them Feel Welcome. Case Study. Review Questions. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up -Words from the Wise.

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This Course is Made for the Students and they learn the Content in PDF and Powerpoint Slides Format. Activities like Pre Assignment, Action Plan, Evaluation Form etc. Offers frameworks for understanding key topics in Hiring Strategies. Focuses on explanations of concepts, phenomena, and theories.