Healthcare Management MSc

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    Outubro 2017
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If you're already, or would like to be, a leader or manager in a health or social care setting, our Masters course will develop and polish the skills you need to progress and be highly effective in your role.

Management and leadership in the health and social care sector is increasingly important worldwide, with The World Health Organization highlighting the need for managers to have appropriate competencies (WHO, 2007) and the NHS promoting specific values and principles of care (Department of Health, 2010).

Our course is designed to make sure you gain the knowledge, skills and emotional tools you need to meet these requirements and develop your full potential as a manager. You'll explore the important social and other factors which influence managing and leading both organisations and individuals, learning with other current and aspiring managers and leaders from a range of health and social care organisations from around the world.

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Health Management
Public Health
Health Administration
Decision Making
Business Administration
Health and Social Care
NHS Training
Stategy Management
IT Management
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Core modules
  • Advancing Professional Decision MakingAdvance your decision making skills through critical reflection, with the help of a 'critical friend'. This is a specialist designated module for the Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care course. Current health and social care policy and the modernisation of the NHS, and other international models demands new ways of working across traditional boundaries, and the implementation of national targets at local level.
  • Organisational Transformation in Health and Social CareCritically explore change theory in relation to your own field of practice and demonstrate understanding of the theoretical and philosophical components of organisational transformation. The module encourages the synthesis of strategic discourse with operational application as modes of organisational structures thereby forming strong links between theory and practice.
  • Research StudiesDesigned to provide you with a critical overview of the main methodologies and designs applied to research within health and social care, professional practice, regulation and policy.
  • Major ProjectThe major project is of central importance to the Masters award. You’ll be expected to bring together aspects of learning from previous modules, as well as using the learning as the basis for planning, conducting and writing a research or work-based project. This module will support you in your preparation and submission of a Masters level major project (either a research project or work-based project).
  • Global LeadershipThis model consists of four elements: effective decision-making, adoption of a global approach, creation of a new business paradigm and a contemporary mission. It also considers the related concept of mis-leadership, which looks at how leaders have often failed to achieve the optimum outcomes for those they lead.

Your work is assessed in a variety of ways for different modules - this will help you later when you need to develop submission evidence for management and leadership professional recognition. Assignments include reports, essays, a portfolio, and a Major Project for your Masters.
Modules are subject to change and availability.