Gaelic Scotland BA (Hons)

University of the Highlands and Islands
Em Fort William (Scotland)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Fort william (Scotland)

The BA (Hons) Gaelic Scotland has been designed for those with an interest in Gaelic language and Culture.

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Início Localização
15 setembro 2016
Fort William
Carmichael Way, PH33 6FF, Highlands and Islands, Scotland
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Year 1 - CertHE Modules may include: Gaelic Story and Song The Gaelic World 1 Introduction to Gaelic Prose Plus one option module which may include: Archaeology and Local Studies; Historic Landscapes; and What is Culture? Language options include: Beginners: Gaelic for Beginners 1 A and Gaelic for Beginners 1B Learners/improvers:  Cùrsa Adhartais modules 5 and 6 Advanced/fluent speakers: Gàidhlig agus Conaltradh: Sgilean Sgrìobhaidh; Gàidhlig agus Conaltradh: Sgilean Labhairteach . Year 3 - BA Modules may include: Scotland in Film Nationalism and National Identity Traditional Culture Research Skills Developing Communities in the 21st Century Plus an option module which may include: Gàidhlig 2 Gàidhlig 3 Gaelic Women’s Poetry 1644-1746 Language Policy and Planning Year 2 - DipHE Modules may include: Introduction to Gaelic Poetry The Gaelic World 2 Folklore Plus option modules which may include: Social History; Development Issues in the Highlands and Islands; Language, Culture and Identity. Language options include: Beginners: Gaelic for Learners 2A, Gaelic for Learners 2B Improvers/ Fluent speakers: Gàidhlig 2 Year 4 - BA (Hons) Modules may include: Traditional Culture in the 21st Century Language Policy in the Workplace Sustainable Development Plus one option module which may include: Gàidhlig 3 Translation Skills Language Policy and Planning 2 Vikings and Norse Archaeology in the North Atlantic. You must also complete a dissertation.