Gaelic Language and Culture BA (Hons)

University of the Highlands and Islands
Em Isle Of Lewis (Scotland)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Isle of lewis (Scotland)

If you want to discover more about Gaelic society and its origins whilst gaining a high level of fluency in the Gaelic language, then this lively BA (Hons) Gaelic Language and Culture course is for you.

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Início Localização
15 setembro 2016
Isle Of Lewis
Stornoway, HS2 0XR, Western Isles, Scotland
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Year 1 - CertHE Year 1:  Intensive language year.  Depending on level of ability on entry, you will follow either: An Cùrsa Comais (for intermediate learners) An Cùrsa Adhartais (distance learning equivalent) OR Gàidhlig agus Conaltradh (for more fluent speakers) You will undertake a three week Gaelic work placement. Year 3 - BA Gaelic language 3 Modern Gaelic Prose Writing Irish Language Traditional Culture Gaelic Poetry 1600-1900 History of Gaelic Language Creative Writing European philosophy Year 2 - DipHE Gaelic language 2 Modern Short Story Poetry since 1900 Oral Culture Scottish Onomastics Gaelic Scholars and Voyagers Year 4 - BA (Hons) Gaelic dialects Translation Skills The Aos Dana Celtic Belief systems Tradition in the 21st Century Dissertation Opportunity to study in Nova Scotia or Ireland