Fleet Management: Overseeing, Coordinating and Facilitating Transport and Transport Related Activities (London)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
Em Central London (Reino Unido)

£4.000 - (R$16.989)

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  • Seminário intensivo
  • Intermediate
  • Central london (Reino Unido)
  • 30 horas letivas
  • Duração:
    5 Days
  • Quando:
    à escolha

This Course is Designed For:
Fleet managers
Company directors, officers and owners
Fleet shop foremen and managers
Purchasing and Finance Managers
Others with responsibilities for managing the operations of public and private fleets and facilities

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Requisitos: Degree or Work Experience


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Início Localização
à escolha
à escolha
à escolha
Central London
Carburton Street, W1W 5EE, London, Reino Unido
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Vehicle Maintenance
Fleet Management
Health and Safety Management
The Organisations’ Vehicles
Vehicle Financing
Fuel Management
Vehicle Telematics
Driver Management
Speed Management
Vehicle Leasing
Vehicle Insurance
Selection of Garage
Disposing a Vehicle
Vehicle Auction
Depreciation of Vehicles
Vehicle Tracking Systems
Vehicle Files and Documentation
Fleet Efficiency Technologies
Vehicle Management
Vehicle Selection Criteria


Contents, Concetps and Issues:

The Organisations’ Vehicles
  • Types of Vehicles and Their Uses
  • Organisations’ Reasons for Purchasing Vehicle
  • Vehicle Selection Criteria
  • Allocation of Vehicles
  • Optimising Vehicle Utilisation
  • Vehicle Management
  • Components of a Company’s Vehicle Policy
Fleet Management
  • Fleet Management, Defined
  • Benefits of Fleet Management
  • Components of Fleet Management
  • Vehicle Financing
Fuel Management
  • Sources
  • Ways in Fuelling Company Vehicles 
  • Direct Purchase by the company or driver 
  • Storage
  • Eliminating Problems Caused by Direct Purchase of Fuel by the Driver  Keeping Track of Fuelling
  • Monitoring Fuel Usage
  • Keeping the Site Safe in Case of Fuel Storage
  • Checking Fuel Stock
  • Effecting ‘One Driver, One Vehicle Policy’ 
  • ‘Right Vehicle, Right Job Approach’
  • Upgrading Vehicle for Fuel Efficiency
  • Fleet Scraping and Replacement with Fuel Efficiency Vehicles
  • Partnering with a Private Company to Supplement Fleet Vehicles
  • Coordinating with Municipal to Improve Fleet Operation
  • Establishing Fuel-efficient Vehicle Purchasing Requirement
  • Eliminating Unnecessary Idling
  • Financing for Idle Reduction Infrastructure
  • Fleet Efficiency Technologies
  • On-board Systems 
  • Trip/Route Planning
  • Vehicle Telematics
Fleet Vehicle Maintenance
  • Introduction
  • Importance of Vehicle Maintenance
  • Maintenance Options 
  • In-house Maintenance
  • Outsourced Maintenance
  • Contract Hire
  • Wear and Tear of Vehicles: Common Causes
  • Ways of Effecting Proper Vehicle Maintenance
  • Minimizing Vehicle Maintenance Costs
  • Vehicle Maintenance System
  • Vehicle Maintenance Log
  • Vehicle Maintenance Schedule
  • Vehicle Files and Documentation
Vehicle Telematics (Tracking and Diagnostics)
  • Telematics, Defined
  • Vehicle Tracking System for Effective Vehicle Security
  • Components of Vehicle Tracking System
  • Types of Vehicle Tracking Devices
  • Choosing a Vehicle Tracking System
  • Vehicle Tracking Solution
  • Commercial Vehicle Tracking
  • Uses of Commercial Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Global System for Mobile (GSM) Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Online Vehicle Tracking
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Vehicle Tracking
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices
  • Tracking Products
  • Asset Tracking
  • Container Tracking
  • Driver Management
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Driver Recruitment
  • Who are Qualified to Drive Official Vehicles
  • Driver Compensation
  • Speed Management
  • Health and Safety Management
Other Miscellaneous Topics
  • Vehicle Leasing
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Selection of Garage
  • Determining the Right Time for Disposing a Vehicle
  • Vehicle Auction
  • Who are Qualified to Participate in the Auction
  • Depreciation of Vehicles
  • Complying with Legislature and Security Requirements

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