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Fellowship in Hair Transplantation

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Semipresencial New Delhi (Índia)

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Fellowship in Hair Transplantation is blended program with theoretical learning and hands on training for duration of 6 months on the basic elements of hair transplantation and the latest techniques.
The Fellowship in Hair Transplantation course by Medvarsity has been designed in collaboration with Divine Proportions Medical Aesthetics Academy to provide a solid training on the fundamentals of hair transplantation and the latest techniques used to qualifies physicians wanting to pursue a career or enhance one's skills in the ever demanding and highly sought after field.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

The course aims to enable understudies to: Understand the anatomy of hair, scalp and the follicular unit
Know the terminology used in hair transplantation
Identify the patterns of hair loss
Know the clinical and pathological features of hair loss conditions
Conduct efficient consultation
Identify and understand the latest techniques used in hair transplantation
Identify indications, contraindication and proper preoperative preparation
Discuss the post operative care
Identify safety issues, potential complications of hair transplantation and their management

Requisitos: MBBS graduates and specialists in Allopathic Medicine.


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New Delhi
Plot No 4, Second Floor, Anmol Vatika, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi 110018, 110018, Delhi, Índia
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Medical training
IT Management


There are 2 Modules, in Module 1 you can find 7 subjects which is 1.Anatomy of hair and scalp, 2.Gross and microscopic anatomy of the follicular unit, 3.Terminology in hair transplantation, 4.Male and female pattern hair loss, 5.Classification systems of alopecia, 6.Folliculat Unit Transplant, 7.Follicular Unit Extraction in Module 2 you can find 7 subjects which is 1.Consent process, 2.Patient selection and planning hair line, 3.Donor harvesting and anesthesia, 4.Silvers cutting and bench management, 5.Recipient area management, 6.Post-Operativve management and medical management, 7.Complications.

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You can also pay in 3 installment 1st is Rs.50000 ($1850), 2nd is Rs.50000 ($1850) and 3rd is Rs.50000.