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Fellowship in Applied Nutrition

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Fellowship in Applied Nutrition is a 6 months online course designed to provide graduates with a firm basis in critical thinking and up-to-date knowledge in Nutrition.
Nutrition is the key to success in fitness and health industry. Increased attention on disease prevention through better dietary habits has heightened the demand for skilled nutrition professionals. This course provides a detailed study of nutritional assessment, nutrient requirements, food composition, patterns of consumption, regulatory aspects of food and nutrition and the nutritional needs during various stages of the life-cycle.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

The course aims to enable understudies to: Impart knowledge of metabolism, physiological actions, and the interrelationships of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.
Update knowledge about essential nutrients.
Provide the participants an exposure to the latest developments in nutrition science with particular reference to nutritional disorders and strategies for their prevention.
Recognize the complex factors that influence nutritional practices
Prepare participants with skills in performing group-level nutritional need assessments.
Enhance the abilities of the participant as a nutritional counselor.
Make participants understand the importance of nutrition in health and fitness.
Impart the skills of nutritional assessment of people of all age groups.

Requisitos: Any graduation


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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Introduction to Nutrition The Digestive System Macronutrients Vitaminsals Fiber Functional Foods Energy Metabolism Dietary Reference Standards Electrolytes & Acid Base Balance Body Composition Measuring Food Intake etc.


There are 3 Modules, in Module 1 you can find 11 subjects which is 1.Introduction to Nutrition, 2.The Digestive System, 3.Macronutrients, 4.Vitaminsals, 5.Fiber, 6.Functional Foods, 7.Energy Metabolism, 8.Dietary Reference Standards, 9.Electrolytes & Acid Base Balance, 10.Body Composition, 11.Measuring Food Intake in Module 2 you can find 7 subjects which is 1.Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation, 2.Nutrition in Infancy, 3.Nutrition in Preterm & Low Birth Weight Infants, 4.Nutrition in Childhood, 5.Nutrition During Adolescence, 6.Nutrition in Adulthood, 7.Geriatric Nutrition in Module 3 you can find 5 subjects which is 1.Nutrition and Weight Management, 2.Nutritional Management of Eating Disorders, 3.Sports Nutrition, 4.Nutrition Screening, Assessment and Planning, 5.Nutrition Counseling.

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You can also pay in 2 installment but in installment fee would be increased to 1st is Rs.20000 ($438), 2nd is Rs.20000 ($438).