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Dreamweaver CS3 Online Short Course Dreamweaver—The go-to web design tool for creative professionals. Expert video trainer, artist, and designer introduces you to the world of Dreamweaver and web design in this monster 10-plus hour course, packed with tricks, techniques, and hands-on tasks—made specially to be an easy, non-jargonny approach for Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4 users. Master key concepts and explore the array of possibilities, particularly in the world of Cascading Style Sheets with Geoff Blake as your guide. You’ll not only learn the secrets and master the techniques, but you’re sure to have a whole lot of fun along the way! Course Topics: You’ll be mastering a huge, in-demand set of skills — not just with Dreamweaver, but with web design as a whole! Easy to follow, step-by-step lessons clarify and demystify otherwise confusing and murky topics. You’ll be up and running in no time! Gain solid, in-depth knowledge with Adobe’s flagship web design program that you can immediately begin applying to your own projects. You’ll have a clear, hands-on, working knowledge of Dreamweaver, graphics, and web design. The plain English, non-jargonny approach assures that you won’t be feeling overwhelmed. - Instead, you’ll be feeling empowered and inspired! Course Fast Facts: Easy to follow and understand 10 hours of study is required Unlimited lifetime access to online course Delivered 100% on-line and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone You can study from home or at work, at your own pace, in your own time How to study online course? Your course login URL address, username and password will be sent to you within 48 hours (please check your junk email inbox if not received as this is an automated email), in order for you to access your online material, which is available 24/7 on any computer or smart mobile device. The course is...

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Requisitos: Computer Requirements: Minimum Speifications For The Computer Are: Windows:- Microsoft Windows XP, or later- Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) MAC/iOS:- OSX/iOS 6 or later- Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) Students Will Also Need Access To The Following Applications:- Adobe Dreamewaver


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Basic IT training
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There are 14 Units of Study

Welcome To Dreamweaver CS3/CS4 Essentials!

So Ya Ready For Some Dreamweaver?

Chapter 1: Gettin' Started With Web Design Fundamentals!

  • A Great Place To Start: HTML Fundamentals
  • Going Further: Understanding CSS
  • The Three Web Design Challenges, Part 1
  • The Three Web Design Challenges, Part 2
  • How Dreamweaver Fits Into All This

Chapter 2: Dreamweaver Warm-Up: The Interface!

  • Gettin’ Ya Started In Dreamweaver
  • The Dreamweaver CS3 Interface
  • The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface
  • Get Customizin’ Dreamweaver’s Interface
  • Did Ya Royally Goof? Unto It All With Dreamweaver’s History Panel
  • Super-Sweet, It’s The Snippets Panel
  • Exploring Other Panels In Dreamweaver
  • Super-Fast Selecting With Dreamweaver’s Tag Selector
  • Savin’ Up Those Dreamweaver Workspaces
  • Viewing Code In Dreamweaver (Including The Code Inspector)
  • The Easy Way To Understand Code…Visually!

Chapter 3: Managing Those Websites In Dreamweaver!

  • Gettin’ Down To It: Defining A New Site
  • Managing Multiple Sites In Dreamweaver
  • Gettin’ Organized: Arranging Your File And Site Structure
  • Setting Up Those Index Files
  • Uploading Files To A Remote Server
  • ‘Weaver’s Hidden Secret: The Assets Panel
  • Task #1: Get Defining Your Own Site In Dreamweaver!

Chapter 4: Adding In Some Text And Page Structure!

  • Sample File Layout Tour And Some Super-Awesome Free Resources
  • Working With Text, Spell Checker, Find And Replace, And Page Titles
  • Inserting Structural Headings
  • Here It Is: Creating Numbered And Bulleted Lists
  • Gasp! Inserting Some Special Characters
  • Horizontal Rules—And As An Aside, Dreamweaver’s Big Limitation
  • Previewing Your Work, Adding Browsers, And Online Browser Resources

Chapter 5: Headlong Into The World Of Cascading Style Sheets!

  • Easing In: Creating And Applying A Basic Style In Dreamweaver CS3
  • Creating And Applying A Basic Style In Dreamweaver CS4
  • Two Approaches To Applying Styles, And How The Background Code Works
  • The Goods: Editing Your Styles
  • Introducing The CSS Rule Definition Dialog Box

Chapter 6: Ready For Blast-Off? Going Further With CSS!

  • The Three Fundamental CSS Rule Types
  • About The Two Types Of Style Sheets
  • Creating CSS Class Rules
  • Adding A Border And Padding To A Class
  • The Cranial Stuff: The CSS Box Model And How Widths Are Measured In CSS
  • Using The Box Model To Create A Class Sidebar
  • Controlling HTML With CSS…With Redefined HTML Tags
  • Work Even Faster By Duplicating Styles
  • Redefining The Page Text
  • Redefining Bulleted Or Numbered Lists
  • Creating Styles In Dreamweaver CS4
  • Task #2: Think You’re So Big? Try Creating This CSS Rule!
  • Don’t Forget Your Free CSS Video
  • Technique #1: Simple Typography Control With CSS!
  • Technique #2: Alright, Now For Advanced CSS Typography!

Chapter 7: And Now, Managing Internal And External Style Sheets!

  • Moving Internal Styles To An External Style Sheet
  • Disconnecting And Reconnecting An External Style Sheet
  • Editing Rules In An External Style Sheet
  • Without A Net: Editing Style Sheets Without Dreamweaver
  • Moving Styles Between Style Sheets
  • Work Faster With External Style Sheets
  • External Sheets With Dreamweaver CS4

Chapter 8: Working With Tables!

  • Table Basics In Dreamweaver
  • Inserting Content And Where Tables Get Wacky
  • Selecting Table Components
  • Traditional (Lame-O) Table Formatting
  • Using CSS To Control Table Formatting (Now That’s Sweet!)

Chapter 9: You’ve Been Waiting For It: Inserting Graphics Into Dreamweaver!

  • Understanding Graphics In Web Design
  • Inserting Images And Formatting ‘Em Too
  • Controlling Images With CSS
  • Dreamweaver’s Image Editing Commands
  • Editing Images Outside Of Dreamweaver
  • Setting Up Background Images
  • Smart Objects In Dreamweaver CS4
  • Technique #3: Design Go-Around: Using Images For Typography!
  • Technique #4: Web Design Workflow: From Illustrator To Photoshop And Out To Dreamweaver!
  • Technique #5: Creating Soft-Edged Transparency—Impossible? Well We Think Not!

Chapter 10: Hookin’ It All Up With Hyperlinks!

  • Creatin’ Some Links From Text And Images
  • Linkin’ Up To Other Websites
  • Creating A Link To An Email Address
  • Linking To PDF’s And Other Files
  • Linking To A Specific Location On A Page
  • Creating Image Map Hotspots
  • Formattin’ Those Hyperlinks With…You Guessed It…CSS!
  • Technique #6: Creatin’ Some Sweet Rollover Buttons With CSS
  • Technique #7: Rollin’ Out From A Single To A Multi-Page Website
  • Task #3: So Get Designin’ Your Page Layout, Already!

Chapter 11: Paying Homage: Traditional Page Layout With Tables!

  • Setting Up A Basic Layout Structure
  • Refining The Layout With Nested Tables
  • Inserting The Layout’s Images And Text
  • Further Layout Refinement

Chapter 12: Mega-Modern Page Layout With Div’s!

  • Your New Best Friend: Introducing Div’s
  • Creatin’ The Basic Layout Blocks
  • Nesting Divs Within Other Div’s
  • Refining The Layout With Even More Div’s
  • Task #4: It’s All Up To You: Create The Remaining Div’s!
  • Hung Up? Here’s A Task #4 Bailout
  • Inserting The Layout’s Images And Text
  • Applying A Frame To The Whole Layout
  • Further Layout Fiddlin’ And Adjustin’
  • Technique #8: Some Say It Can’t Be Done…But Here It Is: Centering A Div-Based Layout!

Chapter 13: Diggin’ Into Interactivity And Multimedia!

  • Creating Rollover Buttons And Effects
  • Introducing Spry Widgets
  • Inserting Flash Content
  • Adding In Audio And Video
  • Throwin’ In Flash Video

Chapter 14: Wrappin’ Up Dreamweaver CS3/CS4 Essentials

  • Final Site Management Techniques
  • Goodbye, And Where To Go From Here
  • Closing Credits
  • Still Want More? Check Out These Exclusive Bonus Lessons!
  • Creatin’ Pop-Up Windows With Div’s
  • Speeding Things Up With Dreamweaver’s Find And Replace
  • Creating Some Sweet Div Scrollboxes

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A digital download is training that you download from the internet using your web browser instead of us shipping you a physical CD.

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If you complete your purchase, you are emailed your access key within minutes of the transaction completing.

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