Decision-making, Pricing Decisions And Cost Management

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
Em Central London (Reino Unido)


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  • Curso
  • Central london (Reino Unido)
  • Duração:
    5 Days
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    à escolha

Suitable for: This course is designed for: Chartered Accountants, Certified Accountants, Licensed Accountants, Cost Accountants, Management Accountants, Organisational Decision-makers, Inventory Managers, Quality Managers, pricing Specialists, balanced Scorecard Specialists, Etc.

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Requisitos: Degree or Work Experience


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Início Localização
à escolha
Central London
Carburton Street, W1W 5EE, London, Reino Unido
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Decision Making
IT Management
Cost Management
Pricing Decisions


Course Contents, Concepts and Issues

Decision Making and Other Relevant Information

  • Decision Models
  • Five-Step Decision-Making Process
  • Relevance
  • Relevant Cost Illustration
  • Features of Relevant Information
  • Sunk Costs Are Irrelevant in Decision Making
  • A Starting Point: Absorption-Based Budgeted Income Statement
  • Types of Information
  • Terminology
  • Types of Decisions
  • One-Time-Only Special Orders
  • Special Order Illustration
  • Make-or-Buy Illustration
  • Potential Problems with Relevant-Cost Analysis
  • Avoiding Potential Problems with Relevant-Cost Analysis
  • Insourcing vs. Outsourcing
  • Qualitative Factors
  • Opportunity Costs
  • Product-Mix Decisions
  • Adding or Dropping Customers
  • Customer Profitability Analysis, Illustrated
  • Adding or Discontinuing Branches or Segments
  • Adding/Closing Offices or Segments
  • Equipment-Replacement Decisions
  • Behavioural Implications

Pricing Decision and Cost Management

  • Pricing and Business
  • Influences on Demand and Supply
  • Time Horizons and Pricing
  • Differences Affecting Pricing: Long Run vs. Short Run
  • Alternative Long-Run Pricing Approaches
  • ABC Manufacturing Cost Illustration
  • Product Profitability Using ABC Costing: Illustration
  • Markets and Pricing
  • Market-Based Approach
  • Understanding the Market Environment
  • Five Steps in Developing Target Prices and Target Costs
  • Value Engineering
  • Value Engineering Terminology
  • Cost Incurrence and Locked-In Costs Graph
  • Problems with Value Engineering and Target Costing
  • Target Costing Illustration
  • Cost-Based (Cost-Plus) Pricing
  • Forms of Cost-Plus Pricing
  • Common Business Practice
  • Life-Cycle Product Budgeting and Costing
  • Important Considerations for Life-Cycle Budgeting
  • Life Cycle Budgeting, Illustrated
  • Other Important Considerations in Pricing Decisions
  • The Legal Dimension of Price Setting

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Decision-making, Pricing Decisions And Cost Management - Leading to Diploma-postgraduate, Progressing to Postgraduate Diploma, Accumulating to Ma, Mba, Msc, Incorporating, Absorption-based Budgeted Income Statement, Customer Profitability Analysis, Value Engineering, Life Cycle Product Budgeting And Costing (london)