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This module looks at what you can do as a sales person to deliver extra value to your customers via customer care. Bear in mind that you and your organisation exist in a very competitive and rapidly changing world. It is important therefore to continually search for ways of being better than your competitors. Your organisation must look for a unique selling point or competitive distinction, which will attract and keep customers. One excellent way of doing this is to provide extra value to your customers by delivering continuous first class quality. Quality applies to whatever you do in your organisation e.g. how well you complete your sales records or deal with customer complaints. Quality is satisfying the customer’s needs and serving them to a standard of excellence. It is important to understand that quality and service are essential in winning and keeping customers. Quality and service are also important in generating and enhancing goodwill in your customers. This will result in content and happy customers who will come back to buy from you again and again, simply because you have given them customer satisfaction.

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This module is designed to give you a structured approach for providing customer care and dealing with customer complaints. The module gives practical advice and provides a framework for you to deliver customer care to the highest-quality standards. There is also a framework which is designed to ensure that customer complaints are dealt with effectively and in a highly-professional manner. There is an emphasis on total customer focus.

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Customer Care
Quality Training
Sales Training
Customer satisfaction


The Content of this course is Divided into 2 Units Are as Follows- Unit 1: Deliver customer care standards -This unit is designed to help you understand and implement high-quality customer care standards. It provides a framework to ensure you implement the procedures for providing high-quality customer service, covering areas such as communications and documentation. The unit gives an holistic approach to customer care, as well as highlighting the importance of the law. Unit 2: Deliver customer care when dealing with complaints -This unit is designed to help you deal with customer complaints. It provides a framework which gives guidelines on how to deal with complaints, from the initial stages through to the final outcome, which must be total customer satisfaction. The unit also advises on how to deliver customer care throughout the complaint process. Advice is also provided on how to learn from customer complaints and use the information for improving future customer care and to maintain long-term customer relationships.

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