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Can you describe your company culture and does it support the business? Most people find it difficult to describe their culture. Yet, all organisations have a culture. Many have sub cultures that have evolved in departments or divisions without much conscious thought or planning. Whilst this is understandable, it is important that the culture of your organization supports your objectives. It is all too easy for negativity to express itself through blame, scape-goating, paternalism or group think. To achieve a culture characterized by transparency, accountability and responsibility requires an honest appraisal of where you are now and what you want to change, followed by systematic steps to bring the desired state into being.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

Participants who understand the practices and skills to bring about organizational change in their own workplaces.
Participants with a renewed vigour and passion for change.
Role models who can seed change and enroll colleagues in bring about a vision

Esta formação é para mim?

This programme is aimed at top managers, strategists, business transformation specialists, HR specialists and anyone charged with upgrading skills within the organization. It is especially relevant to those who anticipate countering resistance from employees in times of change and aligning them to the overall strategic direction of the organisation.


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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Team Building
Community Education
Communication Skills
Organizational Skills
Team Development
Team Performance
People Management
Communication Training


Programme objectives

To assist delegates to work with core attitudes and behaviors to guide the conscious development of their organizational culture. To increase skill and understanding in using leadership’s styles, group dynamics and effective  communication stategies. This programme will:

❖ help management to plan for change
❖ design strategies to avoid change failures
❖ solve troubled change projects.
❖ align the groups’ expectations
❖ facilitate effective communicate
❖ integrate teams to the how, what, why and when in change programmes.
❖ help alleviate staff fears related to change.
❖ manage and deliver people training