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Coaching Employees to Deliver their Best Online Course (12 months Access)

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Coaching Employees to Deliver their Best teaches managers how to coach employees to become motivated, self-starting problem solvers to reach their optimum performance. This means more success for your team, your company, and you. You will learn the different roles that a good coach must take on in order to create a high-performance team. You'll learn critical coaching skills, when it's OK to get personal with your employees, how to give constructive feedback, and how to help employees solve their own conflicts.


 •  Discover the secret to motivating your employees
 •  Learn when to coach and when to counsel
 •  Learn when it’s OK to get personal with your employees


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Session 1

Section A: Being a Good Coach
 •  The Ultimate Coaching
 •  Round 1
 •  Round 2
 •  Hats of a Coach

Section B: Counselor
 •  The Counseling Equation
 •  Involve Employees in Decisions

Section C: Professional Skill Groomer
•  Sink or Swim
•  Right Way

Section D: Mentor
•  The Importance of Mentoring
•  Sharing Experience

Section E: Qualities of a Good Coach
 •  What Makes a Good Coach?
 •  Dealing with Conflict
 •  Conflict Resolution

Section F: Motivation
 •  How to Motivate
 •  Conclusion