Chinese Mandarin Beginners Summer Intensive (Year 1)

City University London
Em Islington (Reino Unido)

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  • Short course
  • Islington (Reino Unido)
  • Quando:
    Setembro 2017

You’ve heard Chinese people greeting one another, sometimes with Nǐ hǎo and other times with Nín hǎo and wonder what the difference is. Your favourite food is Chinese and you would like to be able to order your favourite dishes in Mandarin. You also want to be able to say “Happy New Year” to your Chinese colleagues working in Beijing.Learn Mandarin from scratch in this Beginners Mandarin Chinese summer course designed for complete beginners who want to gain basic social communication skills within a very short space of time.The content of three terms is covered in one so only those committed to spending a minimum of several hours per week outside of class should enrol. The Beginners Mandarin Chinese summer short course focuses on daily communication and uses the phonetic system, Pinyin, to develop speaking and listening skills.Students learn basic grammar and sentence structure around different topics and learn to read simple public signs in Chinese characters. Hands-on tasks and role play exercises are used to create realistic situations in which the use of language and culture is explored.By the end of the course students will have covered the syllabus normally covered in Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 of Mandarin Beginners (Year 1). If you would like to continue your studies you can join Mandarin Beginners Plus or Mandarin Lower Intermediate (Year 2) from October.Why Choose a City Short Course?Our Summer Intensive Mandarin Chinese Beginners short course is taught over just ten weeks and is an intensive course for anyone looking to quickly gain language knowledge and communication skills. The course is delivered twice a week in evening classes from our central London campus.This combines academic excellence, from our leading language experts, with flexibility for anyone working in London or the South East. Course Information Start DateStart TimeDurationCostCourse CodeApply Monday 8 May 2017 18:00 - 21:00 ...

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Northampton Square, EC1V 0HB , London, Reino Unido
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Basic IT training
Basic IT
Communication Skills
Communication Training
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Communication Skills


What will I learn?

Topics covered:
Greetings; nationality and language; age and birthday; time and appointment; family and occupation; dates and days; weather and seasons; directions and positions; shopping and prices; colours and sizes; make simple comparison; ask someone's opinion; order food and drinks in a restaurant; take taxi and buy train tickets; ask about the availability of hotel rooms; describe the type of room; make complaints.

Grammatical structures:
Pinyin pronunciation; basic sentence structures; close question word "ma"; other question words "nǎr" and "shéi"; use past tense particle "le"; common measure words; negate verbs with "méiyǒu/ méi". use "zài" for present continues tense; time expressions; question words "shénme shíhou, duōjiǔ, háishì"; distinguish between the use of "kàn, kànjiàn, kàn de jiàn"; ordinal numbers; question word "duōshǎo"; comparison word "bǐ"; use "guò" to describe a past experience; position some adverbs using "de"; make comparison using adjective + complement; use ordinal numbers with measure words.

  • Learning objectives:
    * Greeting each other
    * Introducing oneself and others
    * Making small talk about nationality and age
    * Paying compliments
    * Obtaining information regarding time
    * Making appointment
    * Talking about family
    * Discussing job and work place
    * Talking about time and daily routine
    * Talking about travelling plans
    * Asking and giving directions
    * Making a purchase and do some bargaining
    * Ordering food and drinks
    * Discussing food preference and dining experience
    * Giving suggestions about travel routes
    * Booking hotel room and complain about hotel facilities

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Teaching and Assessment

The emphasis of the intensive summer course is on listening and speaking. The lessons focus on language that is required in authentic situations. Pinyin is used throughout the Mandarin Chinese summer course.

Classroom activities will include: role-playing, class room discussion, pair and group work, work on pronunciation and intonation as well as grammar in context. Listening to audio clips and watching videos are an important element in our lessons. More comprehensive grammar exercises and reading texts are generally set as...