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Our qualifications in First Line Management are designed for supervisors and first line managers who wish to build on and develop their existing management skills and knowledge.  They give junior managers the communication and motivational skills to help improve efficiency.  These qualifications are also suitable for individuals with management experience who wish to formalise their experience.  The programmes are available on a part-time basis.

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Award: Our level 6 award provides an introduction to the skills, roles and responsibilities of the management area.  It will also develop your basic knowledge by focusing on the development of specific management skills.  You can tailor this course, and topics may include personal development, meeting stakeholder needs and developing strong working relationships. Certificate: A more extensive qualification, our Level 6 Certificate gives you a broader knowledge of effective management skills while focusing on the specific management areas appropriate to you and your workplace.  You can tailor this course, and topics may include personal development, managing team dynamics, resource planning, managing information and maintaining quality. Diploma: With a more comprehensive structure, our Level 6 Diploma gives you all the key skills and competencies you'll need to become an effective first line manager.  Typical units include: resource planning, meeting stakeholder needs, being a leader, managing team dynamics and improving team performance.