Basics of Business Finance

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If you are interested in moving into a financial analyst role in a KPO- then this course will be helpful for you. And you’ll get to Know a lot about this Course which is Gonna be helpful in further Career.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

The course aims to enable understudies to: Wall Street Investment Bankers will teach you the fundamentals of business finance and financial analysis. Become literate in Business Finance topics to help your job and MBA interviews. Save time and money by learning through self-paced online sessions.

Requisitos: There is no such eligibility criteria required - this course assumes you have no background in finance and teaches you about the basics of finance. You need an internet connection to access the course.


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Balance Sheet
Financial Training
Business Finance


This Course Consist of the following contents- 1.INTRODUCTION TO INVESTMENT BANKING -Lifecycle of a Company, Why Corporate Finance. 2.THE COMPANY AND ITS FINANCIAL STATEMENTS -Revenue and Gross Margin, Operating Expense and Net Income, Gross and Net Margin Explained, Advanced Income Statement, Revenue Recognition, Expense Recognition, Analyzing Dominos Income Statement – revenue and Margins, Analyzing Dominos Income Statement – Debt and Interest, Balance Sheet Basics – Assets, Balance Sheet Basics – Liabilities and Net Worth, Financial Crisis of 2008, Dominos Pizza’s Balance Sheet, Analyzing Dominos Pizza’s Balance Sheet, Double Entry Book-keeping, Working Capital and Debt/Equity ratio and Return on Net Worth, Cash Flow Statement Basics, Building a Cash Flow Statement, Capex, Depreciation and Amortization, Taxes, Building a 3 Statement Model, Financial projections, Financial Projections for a TV channel.

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This Course is made for Students and The biggest advantage of this course - is you get to interact with world class faculty - just by interacting with them you learn a lot - whenever you have any doubts - you can post your questions in the Discussion Forum and the faculty shall answer your questions.