Bank Cost And Budgetary Control

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Suitable for: This course is designed for: Cost and Management Accountants, Cost Analysts, Senior Managers who supervise people with direct financial responsibilities, Financial and Budget Controllers who are moving to wider responsibilities,

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Requisitos: Degree or Work Experience


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Financial Risk
Cost Control
Risk Management
Accounting MBA
IT risk
Management of Risk
Financial Training
IT Management
Cost Management
Costing Approaches


Course Contents:

Day 1 - Cost management and Strategy; with a Review of Key Cost Concepts

  • The use of cost management information
  • The issue of “costing”
  • Creating cost-aware organizations
  • Review of some key cost concepts
  • Product vs. Period costs
  • Direct and Indirect Costs
  • Cost behaviour: Fixed and Variable Costs
  • Problems and Examples

Day 2 - Different Approaches to Costing

  • Absorption (Full) vs. Variable costing
  • Under-costing and over-costing: the consequences for profitability
  • How to refine a costing system?
  • Activity-based costing (ABC) and cost-management
  • Cost hierarchy & Cost drivers
  • Linking resources, activities and management
  • Introducing Activity-based management (ABM)
  • Linkages between ABM and ABC – monitoring
  • Value creation
  • Problems, Case Study and Examples

Day 3 - Different Approached to Budgeting

  • Fixed and flexed budget (static and flexible budget)
  • Rolling budget
  • Zero based budgeting
  • Activity based budgeting
  • Master budget
  • From costing to budget: interpreting variances (variance analysis)
  • Integrate continuous improvement into variance analysis.
  • Innovative Budgeting in Credit Crunch and Economic Recession
  • Problems, Case Study and Exercises

Day 4 - Cost Planning and Pricing Decisions: Life-Cycle-Costing, Target Costing and Target Pricing

  • Linking process development to costing
  • Target costing, target pricing and its implications
  • The three major influences on pricing decisions
  • Distinguish between cost incurrence and locked-in costs
  • Cost plus approach to pricing
  • Life cycle product budgeting and costing to assist in pricing decision
  • Problems, Case study and Examples

Day 5 - Control Systems and Performance Measurement

  • Financial and non-financial measures of performance
  • Design an accounting-based performance measure
  • Understand ROI, RI and EVA
  • Strategic performance measurement: Balanced scorecard
  • New role for managers and management accountants in designing incentive systems
  • Case, problems and Examples

Day 6 - Bank’s Departmental Control

  • Daily Cost Control of Debit and Credits
  • Original Entry Ticket – Departmental Proof Sheet
  • Original Entry Journal
  • The Ledger
  • The Daily Balance Book
  • The Daily Condition Book/ Sheet
  • Departmental Journal or Blotter

Day 7 - Bank’s Permanent Cost Control of Resources and Liabilities

  • The importance of Resource Items, incorporating departmental records, in cost control: viz.
  • Records of loans and discount transactions
  • Record of Securities Owned
  • Record of accounts maintained with other banks
  • The importance of Liability Items, incorporating departmental records, in Cost Control: viz.
  • Record of Deposit Liability
  • Record of Income and Expenses
  • Record of Capital Stock

Day 8A - Bank’s Advanced Accounting and Budgeting

  • Basil Capital Accord (Basil II)and Capital Budgeting
  • Relationship between Basil ll and International Accounting Standards (IAS)
  • UK banks trim tech spending: A Case Study Report
  • The Use of SAP in the Banking Industry
  • Day 8B - Introduction to Financial Risk Management
  • Risk: A Working Hypothesis
  • Defining Risk – Generally
  • Financial Risk: A Plausible Definition
  • Financial Risk in an Organisational Setting
  • Financial Risk and ‘Market Dynamics’
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Operating Risk
  • Fraud Risk
  • Settlement Risk
  • Corporate Strategy and Risk Management

Day 9 - Introduction to Financial Risk Management

  • Financial Risk Settings: A Meta-Analytical Exploration
  • Risk in Financial Institutions
  • Banking Risk
  • Risk and the Currency Market
  • Risk and the Equity Market
  • Futures Market Risk
  • Derivatives - The Financial Futures Markets
  • Interbank Lending and the Element of Trust
  • Analysing the 2008 Credit Crunch
  • Stop Loss Mechanism as a Cost Control and Risk Management Measure

Day 10 - Risk Budgeting in Financial Institutions

  • Risk Budgeting: The Next Step of the Risk Management
  • Risk Budgeting Journey - The Veteran's Prospective
  • Crisis and Risk Management
  • Risk Budgeting: Managing Active Risk at the Total Fund Level
  • The Dangers of Historical Hedge Fund Data
  • Value-at-Risk for Asset Managers
  • Risk Budgeting fore Pension Funds and Investment
  • Managers using VAR
  • Risk Budgeting for Active Investment Managers
  • Risk Obsession: Does it Lead to Risk Aversion?
  • Market Neutral and Hedged Strategies
  • The Infrastructure Challenge: Empowering the Stakeholder through the Successful Deployment of Technology and Data

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Bank Cost And Budgetary Control - Leading to Diploma-postgraduate, Accumulating to Postgraduate Diploma, Progressing to Ma, Mba, Msc (london, Uk)