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The university is committed to offering its students the opportunity to study
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There are many exciting
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University Of Adelaide Thebarton Campus 3/49 Holland Street, SA 5005, South Australia, Austrália
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O que se aprende nesse curso?

Communication Training
GCSE Mathematics


The first two years of the program include mathematics, physics and an introduction to the basic principles of design, structural analysis, thermodynamics, materials, fluid mechanics, control and computer programming.
This is complemented by laboratory and project work.
In the third year, courses are extended to develop students' understanding in these fields.
This is coupled with a design project, to prepare students for the final year.
The fourth year of the degree allows for some technical specialisation.
This is enabled through the completion of elective courses, in addition to project work and a management course.
Students are required to complete 12 weeks of approved practical experience.
Academic Program Rules The Calendar is a comprehensive handbook of the University's academic program rules.
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Example Study Plan The below study plan is indicative of a semester 1 commencement.
Please scroll to the bottom of the table to print a study plan for semester 1 or 2 commencement.
BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS) (MECHANICAL) Year1S1 MATHS 1011 Mathematics IA (3 units) ELEC ENG 1101 Electronic Systems (3 units) C&ENVENG 1010 Engineering Mechanics - Statics (3 units) MECH ENG 1100 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (3 units) S2 MATHS 1012 Mathematics IB (3 units) CHEM ENG 1009 Materials I (3 units) MECH ENG 1007 Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics (3 units) MECH ENG 1006 Design Graphics & Communication (3 units) Year2S1 MATHS 2201 Engineering Mathematics IIA (3 units) MECH ENG 2020 Materials & Manufacturing (3 units) MECH ENG 2021 Thermo-Fluids I (3 units) MECH ENG 2100 Design Practice (3 units) S2 MATHS 2202 Engineering Mathematics IIB (3 units) MECH ENG 2002 Stress Analysis & Design (3 units) MECH ENG 2019 Dynamics & Control I (3 units) MECH ENG 2101 Mechatronics IM (includes Workshop Practice) (3 units) Year3S1 MECH ENG 3102 Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics (3 units) MECH ENG 3103 Manufacturing Engineering & Quality Systems (3 units) MECH ENG 3105 Sustainability & the Environment (3 units) MECH ENG 3030 Structural Design & Solid Mechanics (3 units) S2 MATHS 2104 Numerical Methods II (3 units) MECH ENG 3027 Engineering Systems Design & Communication (3 units) MECH ENG 3028 Dynamics & Control II (3 units) MECH ENG 3101 Applied Aerodynamics (3 units) Year4S1 MECH ENG 4143A Honours Project Part A (3 units) Elective (3 units) Elective (3 units) Elective (3 units) S2 MECH ENG 4143B Honours Project Part B (6 units) Elective (3 units) Elective (3 units) CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING ELECTIVES SEMESTER1 MECH ENG 4102 Advanced PID Control (3 units) MECH ENG 4121 Materials Selection & Failure Analysis (3 units) MECH ENG 4105 Advanced Vibrations (3 units) MECH ENG 4111 CFD for Engineering Applications (3 units) MECH ENG 4112 Combustion Technology & Emission Control (3 units) MECH ENG 4118 Finite Element Analysis of Structures (3 units) MECH ENG 4124 Robotics M (3 units) MECH ENG 4104 Advanced Topics in Fluid Mechanics (3 units) MECH ENG 4144 Renewable Fluid Power Technology (3 units) SEMESTER2 CHEM ENG 4032 Composites & Multiphase Polymers (3 units)^ MECH ENG 4107 Airconditioning (3 units) MECH ENG 4101 Biomechanical Engineering (3 units) MECH ENG 4114 Corrosion: Principles & Prevention (3 units) MECH ENG 4115 Engineering Acoustics (3 units) MECH ENG 4120 Fracture Mechanics (3 units) MECH ENG 4125 Stresses in Plates & Shells (3 units) MECH ENG 4145 Sustainable Thermal Technologies (3 units) ENTREP 3900 Entrepreneurs Challenge (3 units) SUMMER MECH ENG 4126 Topics in Welded Structures (3 units) MECH ENG 4115 Engineering Acoustics (3 units) MECH ENG 4120 Fracture Mechanics (3 units) GUIDE TO ENROLMENT This study plan should be used to guide enrolment for the current academic year.
Some students may need to modify their enrolment based on previous study (e.
students granted advanced standing/credit, students repeating previously failed courses).
ENGINEERING COMMUNICATION Unless exempted by the Faculty, all international students are required to take Engineering Communication.
At the commencement of study, the Faculty will advise which course is to be replaced by ENG 3003 Engineering Communication EAL.
COURSE AVAILABILITY^Check the course planner for course availability noting the availability of all courses is conditional on the availability of staff and facilities.
Download a print copy of the study plan Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Mechanical)   Semester 2 Start: Students commencing in semester 2, download a print copy of the study plan Semester 2 - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical) Assessment Assessment can vary from course to course and can include a combination of class work, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work, quizzes, project work and exams.