Assertiveness Training Online Course (12 months Access)

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Em Birmingham (Reino Unido)

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The course introduces you to assertiveness, which has been a hot topic for more than a decade. And why not? People who master assertiveness skills go farther - faster - in today's competitive business environment, because they know how to respond appropriately to workplace challenges. While other training resources on assertiveness concentrate on the "why," this unique training course focuses squarely on the "how to." By applying the 12 powerful action steps outlined in the training course, you'll discover how to tap into your own abundant supply of assertiveness.


Understand how to change the status quo and improve your working conditions.
You will be amazed at the results as you use the powerful negotiation techniques provided by this training course.
Increase your self-confidence, boost your effectiveness and guarantee your success!


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Careervision 61 Caroline Street,, B3 1UF, West Midlands, Reino Unido

O que se aprende nesse curso?

Assertiveness Training


Section A: Module One
 *  Overview
 *  Step 1 - Like Me
 *  Step 2 - Know Me
 *  Roles
 *  Responsibility
 *  Relationships
 *  Step 3 - Know Them
 *  Step 4 - Grow
 *  Review

Section B: Module Two
 *  Overview
 *  Negativity
 *  Feedback
 *  Step 5 - Take Action
 *  Conversation Model
 *  Step 6 - Anticipate
 *  Step 7 - Be Positive
 *  Step 8 - Persist
 *  Review

Section C: Module Three
 *  Overview
 *  Five Different Behaviors
 *  Decision Making
 *  Step 9 - Lighten Up
 *  Step 10 - Take Care of Me
 *  Leadership Qualities
 *  Step 11 - Have Patience
 *  Step 12 - Be Committed
 *  Review