Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

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Assertiveness and self-confidence are comprised of important interpersonal communications skills and traits that can be learned and practiced.They both play an important role in our everyday lives. It allows us to set and reach our goals. It provides stability when we are faced with a challenge; it gives us that push that helps us overcome difficulties. They are necessary in our personal and professional lives, as without it one would not be successful in either. It gives us the ability to stand up to face our challenges and to pick ourselves up when we fall. This workshop will provide you with many tips, techniques, and opportunities to try out your own skills.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

Through this training program, the understudy will be able to get well versed with the concept of assertiveness and self-confidence and list the four styles of communication. The learner will be equipped with the technique to overcome negative thoughts. This program will make the professionals familiar with the difference between listening and hearing, and understand the importance of body language and questioning skills in communication. This course will also equip them to understand when to utilize methodologies for understanding one\’s worth -- and the use of positive self-talk. This training will enable the learner to practice strategies for gaining positive outcomes in difficult interpersonal situation.

Requisitos: Anybody can apply.


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Assertiveness Training
Confidence Training
Skills and Training


The Contents of this course consists of 12 Modules:- Module One: Getting Started. Module Two: What Does Self-Confidence Mean To You? -What is Assertiveness? What is Self-Confidence? The Four Styles. Module Three: Obstacles to Our Goals -Types of Negative Thinking. Case Study. Personal Application. Module Four: Communication Skills -Listening and Hearing; They Aren’t the Same Thing. Asking Questions. Body Language. Module Five: The Importance of Goal Setting -Why Goal Setting is Important. Setting SMART Goals. Our Challenge to You. Module Six: Feeling the Part -Identifying Your Worth. Creating Positive Self-Talk. Identifying and Addressing Strengths and Weaknesses. Module Seven: Looking the Part -The Importance of Appearance. The Role of Body Language. First Impressions Count. Module Eight: Sounding the Part -It’s How You Say It. Sounding Confident. Using “I” Messages. Module Nine: Powerful Presentations -What to Do When You’re on the Spot. Using STAR to Make Your Case. Module Ten: Coping Techniques -Building Rapport. Expressing Disagreement. Coming to Consensus. Module Eleven: Dealing with Difficult Behavior -Dealing with Difficult Situations. Key Tactics. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up.

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This Course is Made for the Students and they learn the Content in PDF and Powerpoint Slides Format. Activities like Pre Assignment, Action Plan, Evaluation Form etc. Offers frameworks for understanding key topics of Assertiveness and Self-Confidence. Focuses on explanations of concepts, phenomena, and theories.