Advanced Programme on Patent Law

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  • Short course
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    6 Months
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    à escolha

Learn the legal framework that governs patents in India and understand its intricacies. Patent law is one of the most complicated forms of intellectual property and requires a great deal of knowledge to understand the specifics of the subject. This Programme gives you a working understanding of patent law and helps you tackle concepts that a patent lawyer faces. It also gives you a practical understanding of patent filing and patent prosecution.

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Quais são os objetivos da formação?

The course aims to enable understudies to: This programme will teach you the basics of patent law with an outlook which is in sync with the advanced aspects. A complete knowledge regarding filing and opposition of patents. A comprehensive insight to the remedies available in case of any infringement. Defences to allegations of patent infringement will also be taught.

Requisitos: Science graduate, entrepreneur, architect, engineers, designer, advertising professional.


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à escolha

O que se aprende nesse curso?

IT Law


This Course Consist of the following contents -Unit 1: Patentability Criteria -Learn about the requirements for patentability of an invention. Understand the concept of novelty. Understand what prior art means. Understand inventiveness/non-obviousness. Unit 2: Non-patentable Inventions -Understand why some inventions cannot be granted a patent even if they comply with the patentability criteria. Learn what non-patentable inventions are, through illustrations and examples. Unit 3: Patent Application -Understand the various parts of an application and the statutory requirements for each part. Learn about provisional applications and complete applications. Understand the different bases of opposition. Unit 4: Patent Prosecution 1 -Learn the different types of applications that can be filed under the Act. Understand patents of addition. Learn about cognate applications. Unit 5: Patent Prosecution 2 -Learn about the different stages from filing to grant. Understand the process of patent filing step-by-step from filing to opposition to grant. Unit 6: Patent Infringement -Learn how to determine infringement of a patent viz-a-viz infringing product. Understand the concepts behind infringement of patent. Understand the provisions under the Patents Act, 1970 that relate to infringement. Unit 7: Defences to Patent Infringement -Learn about the defenses available in a case of patent infringement. Understand the concepts relating to bolar provisions. Understand parallel importation. Unit 8: Patent Commercialization -Learn the importance of commercialization of a patent. Learn how patents can be commercialised.

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This Course is made for students and they get Understanding of the fundamentals of a subject which is highly relevant as patents. Getting a clear knowledge of the various complex issues that are associated with patents. A clear know how on how to go about with filing of the patents and opposition and their remedies.