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Session 1: Choosing Data Access Technologies and an Object Model
This session explains how to choose data access technologies and an object model to support an organization's business needs.
· Introduction to Data Access Technologies
· Choosing Technologies for Accessing Data · Building a Data Access Layer
· Designing Data Access from SQL Common Language Runtime (CLR) Objects
· Available Data Object Models for Administering SQL Server

Session 2: Designing an Exception Handling Strategy
This session describes the various types of exceptions that can occur in a database system, how to capture them, and how to manage them appropriately. Sections
· Exception Types and Their Purposes
· Detecting Exceptions
· Managing Exceptions

Session 3: Choosing a Cursor Strategy
This session describes when cursors are appropriate and how to use them to optimize the use of system resources.
· Common Scenarios for Row-Based vs. Set-Based Operations
· Selecting Appropriate Server-Side Cursors
· Selecting Appropriate Client-Side Cursors

Session 4: Designing Query Strategies Using Multiple Active Result Sets
This session describes when Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) can improve application response time and user satisfaction.
· Introduction to MARS
· Designing Query Strategies for Multiple Reads
· Designing Query Strategies for Mixing Reads and Writes in the Same Connection
· Concurrency Considerations When Using MARS

Session 5: Designing Caching Strategies for Database Applications
This session describes how to optimize system resources by caching data and objects in the appropriate layers.
· Why Caching Is Important
· Data and Query Caching in SQL Server 2005
· Using Caching Technologies Outside of SQL Server
· Custom Caching Techniques

Session 6: Designing a Scalable Data Tier for Database Applications
This session describes how to assess scalability needs and design the best architecture to scale the system to meet those needs.
· Identifying the Need to Scale
· Scaling Database Applications to Avoid Concurrency Contention
· Scaling SQL Server Database Systems
· Scaling Database Applications Using a Service-Oriented Architecture
· Improving Availability and Scalability by Scaling Out Front- End Systems

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