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Module 1: Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2005
This module explains how to plan for and install SQL Server 2005, how to manage a SQL Server 2005 installation, and how to use the SQL Server 2005 administrative tools.
· Preparing to Install SQL Server
· Installing SQL Server 2005
· Managing a SQL Server 2005 Installation
Lab 1:
· Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2005
· Performing an Installation
· Managing SQL Server

Module 2: Managing Databases and Files
This module explains how to manage databases and files.
· Planning Databases
· Creating Databases
· Managing Databases
Lab 2:
· Managing Databases and Files
· Creating a Database
· Monitoring and Managing Filegroup Usage
· Viewing Database Metadata

Module 3: Disaster Recovery
This module explains how to plan and implement a backup and restore strategy.
· Planning a Backup Strategy
· Backing Up User Databases
· Restoring User Databases
· Performing Online Restore Operations
· Recovering Data from Database Snapshots
· System Database and Disaster Recovery
Lab 3:
· Disaster Recovery
· Implementing a Backup Strategy
· Restoring and Recovering a Database
· Performing Piecemeal Backup and Restore Operations
· Restoring the master Database

Module 4: Managing Security
This module explains how to manage principals, securables, and permissions, and how to implement cryptography in a SQL Server database.
· Overview of SQL Server Security
· Protecting the Server Scope
· Protecting the Database Scope
· Managing Keys and Certificates in SQL Server
Lab 4:
· Managing Security
· Creating Logins and Assigning Server-Scope Permissions
· Creating and Managing Users
· Using a Certificate to Protect Data

Module 5: Monitoring SQL Server
This module explains how to monitor SQL Server performance and activity.
· Viewing Current Activity
· Using System Monitor
· Using SQL Server Profiler
· Using DDL Triggers
· Using Event Notifications
Lab 5:
· Monitoring SQL Server
· Monitoring SQL Server Performance
· Tracing SQL Server Activity
· Implementing DDL Triggers

Module 6: Transferring Data
This module explains how to transfer and transform data.
· Overview of Data Transfer
· Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services
· Using SQL Server Integration Services
· Features of SQL Server Integration Services
Lab 6:
· Transferring Data
· Creating an SSIS Package
· Deploying an SSIS Package
· Using SSIS to Extract Data, Perform Lookups, Sort, and Split Data

Module 7: Automating Administrative Tasks
This module explains how to use the SQL Server Agent to automate administrative tasks.
· Automating Administrative Tasks in SQL Server 2005
· Configuring the SQL Server Agent
· Creating Jobs and Operators
· Creating Alerts
· Managing Multiple Servers
· Managing SQL Server Agent Security
Lab 7:
· Automating Administrative Tasks
· Configuring SQL Server Agent
· Creating Operators and Jobs
· Creating Alerts

Module 8: Implementing Replication
This module explains the purpose of replication, introduces the concepts underpinning replication, and describes how to implement replication in several common scenarios.
· Overview of Replication
· Implementing Replication
· Configuring Replication in Some Common Scenarios
Lab 8:
· Implementing Replication
· Creating a Publication
· Creating a Subscription
· Implementing HTTP Merge Replication

Module 9: Maintaining High Availability
This module explains how to implement high availability technologies with SQL Server 2005.
· Introduction to High Availability
· Implementing Server Clustering
· Implementing Database Mirroring
· Implementing Log Shipping
· Implementing Peer-to-Peer Replication
Lab 9:
· Configuring Database Mirroring to Support Failover
· Implementing Distributed High Availability

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